15th August 2020

Students' Union Membership

All students who study at the University of Sheffield automatically become members of the Students' Union. However you do have the right to request not to be a member. You will not be unfairly disadvantaged by doing so, but you will lose the right to vote on SU decisions, hold elected positions in the SU including those in the Officer team, committees, and societies, or benefit from our student pricing for entertainment and events. Any student who wishes not to be a member of the Students’ Union, should inform the President of the Students’ Union and the University Secretary in writing.

  1. SU memberships
  2. Associate memberships

Associate memberships

Associate Membership may be granted to the following:

  • Postgraduates registered as continuing students who are not considered as Full Members
  • Students of the Department of Lifelong Learning
  • Occasional students, or those on courses of less than 15 weeks
  • Individuals attending the University on a regular basis for research or study
  • Partners of Full Members
  • Members of a registered Students’ Union Society
  • Students studying at the University of Sheffield International College

Print out the application form and return it, with 2 passport-sized photographs, to the Students’ Union Welcome Desk. Application Forms are also available at the Welcome Desk.

The fee is £10. Associate Membership is issued from 1st August to 31st July each year; membership is renewable on an annual basis.


Associate Members will be issued with a membership card. The card is invalid without both a photograph, a valid signature of the member.

Proof of ID (e.g. driving licence, passport or similar) must be submitted with the application form.

Associate Members may be required to show their membership card, as proof of membership, and must surrender it to an Officer or employee of the Students’ Union on demand. Replacement cards will cost £5.

Associate Membership can be withdrawn or suspended in accordance with the Students’ Union complaints and disciplinary regulations.

Associate Members are entitled to participate in such activities, and use such facilities, of the Students’ Union as are determined by Students’ Union Council or other Committee of the Students’ Union.

Currently, Associate Membership entitles access to:

  • Students’ Union building, including use of bars, retail and catering outlets
  • Purchase of tickets (plus one guest ticket)
  • Attendance at Student’s Union organised events and activities (including events and activities organised by Representative and Working Committees)
  • Society Membership

Access to any services or facilities may be limited due to age or licensing restrictions.

Associate Membership does NOT give access to:

  • Participation in Students’ Union government – including membership of Representative, Working or Society Committees.
  • Use of welfare, development or training programmes or other support services (e.g. Student Advice Centre, HEAR, Women’s Minibus etc.)
  • Participation in community volunteering or fundraising activities or any other similar activity or service for reasons of safeguarding.
  • Delivering services or activities organised by Representative or Working Committees (e.g. Nightline, Forge Media etc.)
  • Free room or venue hire.
  • Membership to the University of Sheffield or access to University facilities.