We co-ordinate the childcare needs of students and staff of the University of Sheffield, the Students' Union and the community.

The Nursery is open to all families whether students, members of staff or the general public.

Places available, just email or ring to discuss.

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University of Sheffield Students' Union Children's Services

0114 222 8690

93 Brunswick Street, Sheffield, S10 2FL

We Offer

Early Years provision for children aged 6 months to 5 years old, offering high quality teaching and learning experiences, delivering the Early Years Foundation Stage framework and registered with Ofsted.

Our Ofsted registration number: 300762

  1. Who we are
  2. Where to find us
  3. How to apply
  4. Why choose us?
  5. Fees, Contracts and Free Early Learning (FEL) Hours
  6. Student family information
  7. Child-friendly students' union
  8. Privacy Notices
  9. Useful documents and information
Nursery outdoor play

Nursery outdoor play

Nursery children making

Nursery children making

Nursery children reading

Nursery children reading

Who we are

The Nursery team are highly qualified with much experience of teaching and caring for young children. All practitioners have DBS (old CRB) checks and we have a range of qualifications including Early Years Professional statuses, Early Years Foundation Degrees, NVQ level 4 and Level 3 Childcare qualifications and many decades of experience.

Our Nursery committee meet regularly to discuss Nursery issues and to celebrate achievements. The committee brings together Children’s Services staff and management, Students’ Union officers and parent representatives.

Raindrops room

Our Raindrops room provides a warm welcome where you will meet a caring, friendly team of practitioners, who will provide a safe, stimulating and happy environment for your little one. Within a homely atmosphere your child will benefit from being involved in many sensory play activities such as having fun, investigating and exploring sand, water and paint, children have access to a variety of resources both indoors and out. Our experienced staff are highly attuned to your child’s individual needs and will work in partnership with you as parents to provide the best care and education.

Sunshine and Rainbows

When you and your child arrive you will be greeted with a friendly “hello” from our established team of Nursery Practitioners and find a room filled with exciting play and learning opportunities. Across the two rooms we care for children aged between 12 months and 3 years old where activities are adapted to ensure all children are able to learn and grow while they are with us.

Throughout the day we provide an array of activities and experiences. Your child could be the local shop keeper in our role play area, a budding artist with our paints and crafts, the Head Chef cooking up a delicious meal with our tactile play, a number one selling musician or the next big author as they quietly enjoy our wide selection of books in our cosy quiet area.

Whatever your child chooses to do they will have a Key Person who will use observation and planning to gently guide your child through the Early Years Foundation Stage, as well as a team of enthusiastic and passionate practitioners who will work together to ensure your child is supported to meet their full potential in a fun and caring environment while also being there for you and all your family.

The lodge

When I go to Nursery I carry my back pack. In my back pack I carry my spare clothes, just in case I need them.

My Daddy and I are greeted by the grown-ups who care for me. I hang up my coat on my own peg then I go to find my name card which I stick up onto the wall to show that I have arrived.

Daddy signs me in and has a chat with one of the grown-ups and messages are exchanged between them.

I look for my friends who are playing in the Lodge. There is always a lot to do – sand and water play, creative activities, construction and small world, imaginative play in the home corner, dressing up, books and music, maths and mark making activities…

We have pet fish in the Lodge; sometimes I get chosen to feed the fish! I begin by choosing my favourite things to do, more of my friends arrive and talk to me as we play.

Soon it is time sit on the carpet with everybody for a story then it is snack time. There is a good daily menu; some children choose to bring their own snacks. This is a sociable time for us to chat as we eat. We get to pour our own milk or find our own water bottles.

After snack we often have group times where we go in small groups to do some specific activities with adults. My favourite group times are playing games.

We then enjoy free-flow where we can choose to play indoors or outdoors. We have to make sure we have brought appropriate clothing for outdoors, like a raincoat and welly boots or a sunhat. We don’t wear our best clothes to Nursery as they might get spoilt. Lunchtime is next but we need to tidy up first. An adult shakes a tambourine to indicate it is time to tidy up and everybody helps.

At lunchtime we have two sittings. We sit down to eat when we have been to the toilet and washed our hands. We have a good menu and we can help ourselves to more vegetables or salad during our meal. The grown-ups will offer a second helping to us all. We are offered our water bottles, although we can help ourselves to water at any time during the day. After lunch we wash our hands and then some children have a nap. Some children go home after lunch and some children arrive for the afternoon.

As we leave we put our name cards away, our parents sign out and again have a chat with a grown-up who gives feedback on my day, then we say good bye.

The afternoon is similar to the morning with lots of activities to join in with.

Where to find us

The Nursery has 64 childcare places per session and is located close to the campus at 93 Brunswick Street, S10 2FL. We are conveniently located for the University of Sheffield, the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, and the Children’s Hospital as well as being close to the town centre.

There are excellent transport links close by including the Supertram.

How to apply

The Nursery is open to all families whether students, members of staff or the general public. We operate a waiting list and advise that you apply early, without obligation. Apply using our form or contact us to discuss your family needs.

Application Form

Please note, when we offer you a place for your child, we require a deposit payment to secure it. This payment is refunded to your account when you leave the Nursery, after three months of attendance.

Nursery child learning

Nursery child learning

Children learning together

Children learning together

Children exploring

Children exploring

Why choose us?

What Ofsted and our families have said about our provision.

Following our Ofsted inspection in February 2018 we received a rating of 'Good'.

  • Staff establish extraordinarily positive relationships with children. Children are highlyrespected and listened to by the caring and sensitive staff. Staff offer limitless reassurance, comfort and support to children and families when required.
  • Parents refer to the staff team as being wonderful and fantastic. Children demonstratean impressive enthusiasm in their play and an outstanding level of self-esteem andsense of belonging.
  • Well-qualified staff use their good knowledge of the children's interests to plan activitiesand experiences that they know children will enjoy. As a result, children are eager totake part and make good progress in their learning.
  • Partnership working is strong to support children who have special educational needsand/or disabilities and children who speak English as an additional language. Staff work with other professionals to successfully identify programmes of support to help closegaps in children's development.

Here are just a few examples of what our families have to say about the care we provide:

"She absolutely loves coming to the nursery and for that we are grateful to be able to entrust her in your care" Raindrops room

"It is such a happy place, a lovely place...I have to be at work...being with you, knowing she is happy and having fun is a huge comfort - thank you so much."

"There is nowhere else I would send her"

"A wonderful nursery with outstanding staff"

  • “We really appreciate the warm welcome and thoughtful care you gave her, and the way that every day you make Raindrops floor a cheerful, cuddly, messy place to be”.
  • “You are all so skilled and talented in your jobs…. The glimpses we get of the energy, patience & humour you need to pull out makes us very grateful that we found this place. And rather in awe!” Raindrops room
  • “Thank you for looking after [Child] for us and giving her so many happy, fun, and cuddle filled days. Thank you for embracing all the wonderful parts of her that make her so special and for nurturing her curiosity so perfectly, we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect place for our little girl to grow. Don’t ever change, you are all amazing. Raindrops room.
  • “You deserve full credit for creating a fun, nurturing and lively nursery environment that creates happy, confident and inquisitive children ready to seize the opportunities in life. You have supported [Child] through an incredible journey from being a crawling baby to a chatty toddler and have been there with kind encouragement every step of the way”. Raindrops room

Fees, Contracts and Free Early Learning (FEL) Hours

Find out about our fees, contact types and hours. Expectations for you and us and some useful documents.

Further Information

Student family information

Do you qualify for a subsidised nursery place?
Are you accessing all the support available to you?

For the 2020/2021 University year, subsidies have been changed. To find more up to date and accurate information please head over to the University page

Student families who qualify for a subsidy will receive a further 10% sibling discount for any additional children attending the Nursery.

For full time, British, undergraduate students.

The grant helps with childcare costs for children under 15, or under 17 if they have special educational needs.

You must be eligible for student finance to apply for a Childcare Grant.

Any money you get is paid on top of your student finance and you don’t have to pay it back.

The amount of childcare grant payable in 2017/18 will be based on 85% of actual childcare costs, subject to a maximum grant of £159.59 per week for one child only or £273.60 per week for two or more children.

For more information visit the Government website

Full-time students with children could get between £50 and £1,617 a year to help with their learning costs. This is called Parents’ Learning Allowance.

Find out more on the Government website.

The Students' Union Participation Grant is here to help students take part in Students' Union activities and sports. The Students’ Union is committed to supporting students with children to be able to participate in a variety of activities and sports.

Find out more on our Participation Grant page.

Child-friendly students' union

Sheffield Students' Union is a 'child friendly' organisation. Find out more about what this means.