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Fill In The POMH Survey

The Prioritise Our Mental Health survey is to audit the state of student welfare, particularly relating to mental health and wellbeing, in Sheffield.

All answers will remain anonymous. As a thank you for taking your time to complete this survey we are offering, five £100 cash prizes.


About the campaign

The Prioritise Our Mental Health campaign was launched this semester by your SU Welfare Officer Anna Mullaney and SU President Dom Trendall and comes as a retaliation against the under-prioritisation of student mental health and wellbeing in a number of different areas.

It is time to address the student mental health crisis and it is absolutely time to take the decision to prioritise it as an issue. We believe that student mental health is under-prioritised in a number of different ways, many of which we want to explore through this campaign.

Why Prioritise Our Mental Health?

Everyone should be prioritising our mental health. That means the University, the Students’ Union, the city, the country, the world, the solar system, the universe, etc., … as well as you yourselves. You deserve to prioritise your own mental health, even when it doesn’t feel like it.

I use the language of prioritisation deliberately because, at the moment, I don’t feel that mental health is adequately prioritised by any of the aforementioned groups...

Read more on the SU Officers' blog...

Your mental health

How often do you take time for yourself? When was the last time you did something you really love and that makes you feel good? Have you cooked a decent, healthy meal recently? Or been for that run you’ve wanted to go on for so long? Have you joined that sports club you’ve been eyeing up since Intro Week? Did you give yourself breaks during exam season? Do you study at the weekends? Are you often still in the IC, The Diamond, or Western Bank after 5pm? Surviving off of Sainsburys Meal Deals? Are you still putting off meeting that old friend for coffee?

We think that it’s time for YOU to prioritise your mental health and wellbeing. It’s important.

In need of support?

If you, or someone you know, is looking for support for your mental health, please visit the University's Mental Wellbeing page here.

If you, or someone you are concerned about, is in crisis or in need of immediate support, please visit the University's webpage here. You can also call Samaritans free at 116 123 at any time.