The Lodge

The Lodge.

When I go to Nursery I carry my back pack. In my back pack I carry my spare clothes, just in case I need them.

My Daddy and I are greeted by the grown-ups who care for me. I hang up my coat on my own peg then I go to find my name card which I stick up onto the wall to show that I have arrived.

Daddy signs me in and has a chat with one of the grown-ups and messages are exchanged between them.

I look for my friends who are playing in the Lodge. There is always a lot to do – sand and water play, creative activities, construction and small world, imaginative play in the home corner, dressing up, books and music, maths and mark making activities…

We have pet fish in the Lodge; sometimes I get chosen to feed the fish! I begin by choosing my favourite things to do, more of my friends arrive and talk to me as we play.

Soon it is time sit on the carpet with everybody for a story then it is snack time. There is a good daily menu; some children choose to bring their own snacks. This is a sociable time for us to chat as we eat. We get to pour our own milk or find our own water bottles.

After snack we often have group times where we go in small groups to do some specific activities with adults. My favourite group times are playing games.

We then enjoy free-flow where we can choose to play indoors or outdoors. We have to make sure we have brought appropriate clothing for outdoors, like a raincoat and welly boots or a sunhat. We don’t wear our best clothes to Nursery as they might get spoilt. Lunchtime is next but we need to tidy up first. An adult shakes a tambourine to indicate it is time to tidy up and everybody helps.

At lunchtime we have two sittings. We sit down to eat when we have been to the toilet and washed our hands. We have a good menu and we can help ourselves to more vegetables or salad during our meal. The grown-ups will offer a second helping to us all. We are offered our water bottles, although we can help ourselves to water at any time during the day. After lunch we wash our hands and then some children have a nap. Some children go home after lunch and some children arrive for the afternoon.

As we leave we put our name cards away, our parents sign out and again have a chat with a grown-up who gives feedback on my day, then we say good bye.

The afternoon is similar to the morning with lots of activities to join in with.