Use it, don't lose it!

Crime Reduction Mobile Phone Tips

Phones and tablets are easy targets for criminals, particularly when they are left on tables with owners who are distracted. Ways to keep your phone safe include not leaving it in easy reach of theives, ensuring that the keypad is locked and that you have some way of tracking your device if it's lost (tacking apps are great!) Don't forget to mark and register all your valuables on the police database

Safe Cycling

Like it, Lock it, Keep it

When cycling or walking at night remeber to wear something fluorescent so you can be seen by other road users. Always lock your bike on campus with a good quality lock to a bike rack and register it with the police via its serial number. Take it to the University Cycle Hut for essential repairs and maintenance checks.


Keep your home secure

Like it, Lock it

Student houses are ideal targets for burglars - there's so many valuables! Keep your front doors locked (even when you're in), leave lights on when you're out and mark your property with UV pens and register them on the Immobolise network. If you are house-hunting, you should look for burglar alarms or ask your landlord/letting agent to install one for you.

A good night out

Good Night Out Campaign

We want you to have the best (and safest) nights out in Sheffield. Alternate your alcoholic drinks with water, use hearing protection to protect your ears and Spikeys to protect your drinks (available behind out bars) and always look out for your mates! Report and instances where you have been made to feel uncomfortable to security and they will help to make sure that it doesn't ruin your night.

Get home safely

Women's Minibus

Winter is coming and with the nights getting darker, safety at all times is important. Avoid walking home alone if you can, if not then make sure you stick to well-lit areas and main roads. The Women's Minibus and Safe Taxi Schemes mean that even with no cash, you can get home safely. Why not pick up a safety alarm from the Advice Centre or your SU Officers? They're free!