Eat well

Make time in your revision plan to stock up on some brain food and cook yourself a hearty mean. Better still, get together with friends to share the cooking and washing up. And no matter how nervous you might be, don’t forget to eat before an exam!

Choose your own revision style

You will hear lots of different things about the right way to prepare for exams, but it is important to find what works best for you. 301 Learning Hub is a good place to start if you are feeling stuck.

Make time to relax

Most people cannot concentrate on revision over long periods of time. It varies for everyone, but working for no less than 20 minutes and no longer than 3 hours in any one revision slot is a good guide. You can waste time and stress yourself out by trying to revise too much at once. Less really can be more! So, make time in your revision plan to do things you enjoy – get some exercise, meet up with friends, be nice to yourself.


Sleep well

A good night’s sleep will recharge your brain. Worrying about exams can make sleeping well more difficult. Don’t go straight from books to bed – do something to wind down first. But resist reaching for a cup of coffee or glass of wine. You can find more tips and advice about sleep issues on the University’s Well Connected portal.

Keep on top of stress

It’s natural to feel nervous about your exams. But if you feel things are getting on top of you it is important to do something about it. Think positive – you’ve got this far; why should you fail now? Don’t avoid difficult revision topics – ask your tutors for help if you are struggling. Keep it in perspective – there is life beyond exams. Don’t forget there is lots of support available if stress is a problem for you.

Personal or health problems

Personal or health problems can throw your revision/exams into chaos. It is vital that you don’t try to struggle through on your own. You need to let your department know as soon as possible – don’t wait until the exam results are published! Use the extenuating circumstances form to report any issues that are affecting your studies.