I had to leave the exam early because I was ill

If you are not able to complete an exam because of illness you should submit an extenuating circumstances form and make sure you ask your doctor to provide medical evidence.

I've been accused of cheating in an exam

If you are caught with unauthorised notes/material during an exam you are likely to face disciplinary action for ‘use of unfair means in an examination’.  Your department will need to speak to you and decide what action needs to be taken. It is likely that you will be refused credit for that exam, even if you did not actually use the notes.

I don't think the exam paper was fair!

If you think an exam paper was unfair or contained mistakes, rather than simply difficulty, you might want to do something about this. It is worth speaking to the module leader or Head of Department to see if your concerns can be resolved informally. If that doesn’t work, you have the option of academic appeal or official complaint. Which one will depend on the outcome you hoping for. If you need help deciding what action to take, the Student Advice Centre can explore your options.


I've missed an exam because I turned up late/went to the wrong place

You won’t be allowed into the exam if you arrive more than 30 minutes late. You should contact the Exams Office straight away. If the exam has finished you should also contact your department. We would recommend submitting an extenuating circumstances form explaining why you were late.

My mind went blank! I know I have failed

Don’t panic. It is really hard to know how you have done until your results have been published. But do ask your tutors for feedback then so you can learn from mistakes and build on your successes. Your results will include information about resitting any failed exams.