Following from the statement of the Sheffield Students’ Union Officers and the joint-statement made by the Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Keith Burnett & Students’ Union President Christy McMorrow on the ongoing refugees crisis, we are happy to say that Sheffield Students’ Union will fully support the #refugeeswelcome campaign. We believe that as a global community deeply committed to the values of education, we are dedicated to doing our part to build a more welcoming and humane society. 



This page will contain up-to-date information about SU-led activity around the ongoing refugee crisis. If you have any questions about this, or are thinking about setting up any other projects or events in support of the crisis, please email Peggy Lim international.officer@sheffield.ac.uk as the main contact for all SU activity related to this.

With the University of Sheffield

In addition to the SU-led projects and campaigns listed here, we have worked with the University to produce a shared resource of information, which contains a list of projects and charities in the region and nationally as well as further information and communications around the crisis.

For more information visit shef.ac.uk.