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Like it, Lock it, Keep it

Student properties can be easy targets for burglars. Make sure you take precautions to help prevent your property being targeted:

  • Close windows when you are out of a room and keep your front door locked.
  • Leave your light on when you head out at night and consider buying a light switch timer for use during for University holidays. It makes your home appear occupied.
  • Don’t advertise your expensive equipment to burglars - don’t leave it on display.
  • If there’s a burglar alarm, use it!
  • A property is less likely to be broken into by ‘sneak’ thieves if it looks well maintained and the neighbourhood seems cared for.
  • Be smart. Register your property with
  • When you’re out, keep your phone in your pocket or bag, not on the table.


TIP: Mark your property with a free UV pen from our Student Advice Centre


TIP: Bike owners can purchase a Gold Sold Secure bike lock for just £10 from the University Cycle Hut (usually £40).


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