It’s been another great year at Sheffield Students’ Union, and here we celebrate all the excellent achievements throughout 2017/18...

  • Give it a Go have run 578 events with 8,200 participants!
  • This year we have had 76 new society applications, bringing the total to 347 SU societies and committees with 2,886 members!
  • 8,065 votes were cast in the elections for SU Officer, Referenda and Student Trustee elections. An all female SU Officer team elected following a successful #SheShouldRun campaign.
  • We lifted the Varsity trophy for the 6th year running!
  • We have run 275 students-led events (and counting), 4 of which being national and international student-led conferences.
  • New Leaf have sold 32,000 salads, 8,000 wraps, using up almost 6,500 heads of lettuce this academic year!
  • Bar One have sold 30,082 burgers (20% were veggie & vegan) & cooked 6.9 tonnes of fries! They have also reduced straw usage by 81%!
  • SSUS has saved the planet from an additional 22,316 plastic bags since asking suppliers to stop packaging products in plastic poly bags!
  • Proper Pasty has sold 13,800 pasties and sausage rolls this year!
  • We've sold over 138,600 tickets this year to nights out at the Students’ Union!

Sports Awards

Our Sports Awards 2018 winners are:

  • Volunteering and Community Outreach - Women’s Cricket
  • Coach of the Year - Brendan Warburton - Boxing
  • Club Sport Member of the Year - Annabel Fawcett - Hockey
  • Society Sport - Medics Women’s Football
  • Social Sport - James Dexter - Squash
  • Coach of the Year - Brendan Warburton - Boxing
  • Outstanding Achievement in the face of adversity - Alexandra Paige Fraser - Boxing
  • Commitment to Inclusion - Tennis
  • Fresher of the Year - Ella Barrett - Athletics
  • Outstanding Sporting Achievement - Chloe Gregory - Netball
  • Most Improved Club - Lifesaving
  • Team of the Year - Men’s Rugby Union 1sts
  • Outstanding Contribution to Sport - Amelia Boddington
  • Club of the Year - Athletics and Cross Country

The University of Sheffield Black and Gold Award's:
Simon Arnold, Daisy Ash, Owen Bailey, Paige Baldwin, Nicholas Barber, Ellie Barclay, Rowan Bennett, Amelia Boddington, Yarrow Chia-Bendle, Sam Cooper, Holly Crane, Tom Dyakowski, Joel Gandhi, Lewis Garland, Evie Gould, Matthew Graves, Claudia James, Alex Kennedy, Grace Kershaw, Michael Kirkham, William May, Thomas McDonald, Sarah Morse, Usama Mujtaba, Rhianna Owen, Molly May Pallet, Charley Rumsey, Isobel Melia, Robbie Schofield, Guy Tallentire, Jessica Townend, Jemma Upton.

Academic Awards

Our Academic Awards 2018 winners are:

Learning & Teaching

  • Best Postgraduate Supervisor - Katie Edwards (English, SIIBS)
  • Best Postgraduate Student who Teaches - Lauren Nixon (English)
  • Outstanding Feedback - Linda Kotta (Chemical and Biological Engineering)
  • Innovation in Academic Skills Development (301) - Kathryn Williams (School of Languages and Cultures)

Welfare & Support

  • Outstanding Group Contribution to Student Wellbeing - Sheffield Nightline
  • Student Futures Award (Careers) - Julie Balen (ScHARR)
  • Best Academic Mentor - Marta Chodorowska (Law)
  • Best Personal Tutor - Panos Nanos (Economics)
  • Most Supportive Non-Academic Staff Member (Student Support Services) - Jess Meacham (Journalism)

Representation & Activism

  • Best Student Led Event or Activity - Sheffield World Health Organization Simulation (WHO)
  • Equality & Liberation - Miriam Miller (APSE)
  • Best Academic Representative Team - School of Languages & Cultures Student Staff Committee
  • Best Academic Representative (HEAR) - Alice Mercer (Chemical Engineering)

Final Awards

  • Outstanding Teaching - Andrew Nichols (Engineering IPO)
  • Academic Communities - The Roving Picket
  • Outstanding Student Contribution - Thomas Julian (Medicine)

Officer Achievements

Kieran Maxwell

  • Made sweeping changes to the university’s prospectus to encourage more students to from disadvantaged backgrounds to apply to university, including BTEC entry requirements all the way throughout and more information about how contextual data is used
  • Jointly with Stuart, ran the #SaveStaffPensions campaign, which saw overwhelming support from students for the UCU Pensions Strike
  • Secured funding for a new, late night food van, which is on its way in June
  • Announced the Pop Tarts Club loyalty scheme

Celeste Jones

  • Launched a joint Healthy Relationships campaign with ISO and the University to promote healthy relationships in a holistic way; focusing not only on sexual relationships but friendships and families too, whilst still promoting safe sex and consent.
  • I ran my #SheShouldRun campaign to encourage more women to run for SU Officer positions resulting in an all-women Officer Team - a first in Sheffield SU history!
  • Launched my ‘Everyday Discriminations’ webpage where students can post their experiences of everyday discriminations such as racism, transphobia and sexism anonymously and informally.

Stuart McMillan

  • Organised a campaign to #SaveStaffPensions, supporting picket lines, coordinating solidarity action in the form of marches and rallies, and building strong links between students and workers on campus.
  • Oversaw a full review of academic representation, broadening the scope of reps beyond feedback, offering training and support for negotiating, enquiring and campaigning.
  • Mobilised students and organised coaches to London for the ‘Free education now, tax the rich’ national demonstration.

Flo Brookes

  • Launched #sportforall campaign, working hard to make sport accessible for all. Ran the biggest ever this girl can week and the first ever disability in sport week.
  • Secured £10,000 of extra funding for the participation grant so more students can engage in sport.
  • Secured a day pass for the gym during exam periods
  • Won Varsity for the 6th year in a row!

Tom Brindley

  • Ran a successful Men’s Health Campaign with a range of activities including information stalls, Table Tennis Tournament and workshops which helped raise thousands of pounds for Charity.
  • Organised a collaboration with Save Our Sandwiches called Community ReAction which consisted of a rally through Sheffield City and an evening performances with the aim of educating people on Homelessness.
  • Have laid the foundations for a Pending Coffee Scheme to be set up within Coffee Revolution.

Reena Staves

  • Formative in the creation of Sheffield University’s first mental health strategy.
  • Ran a series of successful events centred around raising awareness of loneliness among students.
  • Successfully campaigned for the establishment of a permanent Quiet Room in the Students’ Union, alongside our International Officer, Santhana.

Megan McGrath

  • Started a #ReusableRevolution with discounts on using reusables across SU and University and launched the UK’s first SU and Uni coffee cup return scheme called Campus Cup
  • Successfully lobbied the University alongside Sustainability committee for a Sustainability steering group
  • Opened a zero waste shop enabling people to shop plastic free

Santhana Gopalakrishnan

  • Launched a ‘Zero Risk, Don’t Chance It’ Unfair Means campaign and Healthy Relationships Campaign with Celeste.
  • Facilitated a partnership between ELTC and Forge Media to encourage international students to engage in student media.
  • Successfully lobbied the University to form a Brexit Monitoring and Advisory Group, and established the International Student Support Forum.
  • Lobbied the University to reduce 'year in industry' fees for international students from 22% to 13%.

Activities Awards

Our Activities Awards 2018 Winners are:

Academic Society of the Year – Surgical Society
Departmental Society of the Year – SUDSS
Creative or Performance Society of the Year – Dance Society
Faith Society of the Year – USIC
Cultural or National Society of the Year – Egyptian Society
Political, Campaigning, Volunteering or Fundraising Society of the Year – MHM
Special Interest or Media & Technology Society of the Year – Horror Society
New Society of the Year – Market Society
Most Enterprising Society of the Year – Market Society
Most Improved Society – Sci-Fi & Fantasy Society
Most Improved Committee* – SUTCo
Collaborative Initiative of the Year – Swing Dance Society
Commitment to Inclusions – Swing Dance Society
Event of the Year – K-Pop Dance Society: Korea Day
Outstanding Charitable Contribution of the Year – Sheffield Marrow
Outstanding Achievement (Societies) – Investment Society: Adrien Gallet
Outstanding Achievement (Committees)* – LGBT+: Andy Tyler
Secretary of the Year (Societies) – NHSF: Bhavisha Mistry
Secretary of the Year (Committees)* - SUTCo: Caitlin Hawkins
Inclusions Officer of the Year (Societies) – Singers’ Society: Georgia Clark
Inclusions Officer of the Year (Committees)* – SUTCo: Mike Alexander
Best Online Presence – HackSheffield
Best Publicity – Forge TV
Treasurer of the Year (Societies) – Yoga & Pilates: Katie Coxon
Treasurer of the Year (Committees)* – Societies Committee: Lucie Winship
President of the Year (Societies)* – Sci-Fi & Fantasy: Alice Williams
Chair of the Year (Committees)* – Forge Radio: Kerry Miller

Outstanding Contribution to Societies
MBB: Ben Pearson (Gold)
History: Hebe Hetherington (Silver)
Assassins’: Sarah Barrett (Bronze)

Outstanding Contribution to Committees*
Forge Radio: Chris Thompson (Gold)
Forge Radio: Jamie Blakeman (Silver)
DSC: Emese Závodszky (Bronze)

Representative Committee of the Year* – DSC
Working Committee of the Year* – Film Unit
Society of the Year – SUDSS

*The winners of these awards were decided by Activities Staff.

Volunteering Awards

Our Volunteering Awards 2018 Winners are:
New-bee of the Year - William Roberts
Long-standing Commitment Award - Louise Delmege (Foodhall)
Inspiration Award - Mel Kee (Saturday Playgroup)
Outstanding Contribution Award - Emma Hartley (ZEST)
Project Leader(s) of the Year - Rhiannah Beattie (Dance Society)
Originality Award - Pom Cheerleading Squad
Cooperation Award - Science Alive
Community Impact Award - Saturday Playgroup
Project of the Year - Helping Hand
Voluntary Organisation of the Year - ASSIST
RAG Initiative Award - Chloe Quinn
Bummit Award - Jessica Lee