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Get involved in our SU Committees

Wednesday 14-03-2018 - 14:46
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Do you want to represent students? Lead campaigns? Run activities and events essential to the Students' Union? 

Our Working and Representative Committees are a great opportunity to do all this - and more!

Committees are a core part of the Students' Union with their very purpose enshrined in our Constitution! Along with the elected SU Officers, Committees lead the work of our organisation.

They receive an annual budget from the Students' Union to deliver their activity, as well as full training and specialist staff support.

Representative Committees
Rep Committees promote the views and interests of specific sections of the student membership, and organise activities for these groups.

They are: 
Black and Minority Ethnic Students' Committee (BME)
Disabled Students' Committee (DSC)
International Students' Committee (ISC) 
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans+ Committee (LGBT+)
Mature Students' Committee (MSC)
Postgraduate Students' Committee
Women's Committee (WomCom) 

Working Committees
Working Committees provide services and activities for all students of the University, or which benefit the wider community.

From media, welfare and sport, to film, fundraising and events - working committees are run by students for students.

Societies and Committees Election Fortnight
This year working and representative committees will be holding their elections between 19th - 23rd March and 16th - 23rd April April /May - this is where the new Committees are elected for the next academic year.

Whether you want to find out more about a Committee and how it represents you, run for a role, or vote - you can get more information using the links below or ask at the Activities Zone desk on level 3 of the Students' Union to find out when particular elections are.

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