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Our #WeAreInternational stories

Tuesday 19-06-2018 - 14:50

Santhana, your International Students’ Officer, has worked with two pairs of students to film their #WeAreInternational stories, as well as tell her own. Her video celebrates the special bonds students develop regardless of their different cultures and nationalities and how great friendships have no borders.

Santhana said “I am so delighted to be presenting Sheffield Students’ Union’s very own #WeAreInternational series of videos. These videos are a testament for home and international students to see how diverse our SU Community are here at Sheffield. We want to encourage all students to join societies and show that these spaces - and Sheffield as a whole - are welcoming. I hope that these videos will not only help students to realise that they too are international but go further to highlight the SU as one way that they can actively get involved in the international community.”

Sheffield SU is proud to support such a diverse and international membership and the friendships formed between students from all backgrounds is such an integral part to University life. Keep a #WeAreInternational mindset and who knows who you might meet.

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