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Pending Coffee Scheme Launches

Tuesday 28-05-2019 - 00:00
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RAG and Coffee Revolution have launched a ‘Pending Coffee Scheme’ giving you the opportunity to add a £1 homeless charity donation with your order. 

The concept of pending coffees originates in the Sanità district of Naples where people would pay for a second coffee as well as their own when feeling up on their luck. This ‘Pending Coffee’ could then be claimed by less fortunate passers-by. 

Our scheme continues in this tradition of supporting those struggling in our local community. Money raised will provide food and drink at Ben's Centre - a place of sanctuary for the vulnerable people of Sheffield. They engage with rough sleepers across the city, offering support, food, and drink, and together with The Archer Project, serve over 100 breakfasts to homeless and vulnerable people.

‘Our Pending Coffee Scheme is a simple way students can support vulnerable people in our local community. Next time you’re in Coffee Revs please consider adding a £1 donation to your order or more if you like! We’re aiming to raise £100 by the end of term and every donation brings us closer to that goal’ - said Activities Officer Cecilia Hudson-Molinaro.

The scheme is being run as a trial, but if successful it may be rolled out across other SU outlets next academic year.

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