Page:'Snapshot' HEARs being issued this week

'Snapshot' HEARs being issued this week

Monday 13-03-2017 - 08:00

If you’re an undergraduate student, you have been provided with a Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) - an official, electronic document which records your academic and extra-curricular achievements from day one through to graduation. Your HEAR is entirely updated by staff, usually at the end of each semester. To see what is recorded in the HEAR, click here 

Snapshot HEARs are being issued this week (13th - 17th March) to all undergraduates. These are official pdf. documents which contain your achievements so far. If you are a 1st year, this will be your first official HEAR. You will receive snapshot HEARs every March, July and September until you graduate, when you will receive your final, ‘Exit’ HEAR. 

When your HEAR has been issued to you, you will receive an email from to confirm. 

You can access your official HEAR by logging in to a service called, 'Sheffield Authorised Records' (ShARe). You will find the link to login to ShARe from your preview HEAR in MUSE (My Services > View All Services > Higher Education Achievement Report). More information about accessing your HEAR is here 

To find out how you can use your HEAR, go to: 

Questions? Please email

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