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Statement from SU President and Forge Media

Monday 20-07-2015 - 17:10
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This afternoon we all met to discuss a number of issues relating to room allocations in the SU. It is clear that, in the short-term, our collective ambition for spaces for Forge Media and other student interest groups are unlikely. Therefore, we have committed to a continuous conversation over how to improve the space for student media, and the efficiency of its use, within the restraints of our building. This will mean Forge representatives having an ongoing role in discussions with SU staff as we continuously seek to improve the way our room allocations work for different student interest groups.

However, in the short-term, it will remain necessary to find a space for the new student interest coordinators in academic representation, welfare, internationalisation, sustainability, liberation and media. We all recognised that the proposal to place these roles within one half of the current media hub would do too much harm to Forge Media’s production and therefore will not go ahead.

Therefore, we will now look into the possibility of using some of the space on the SU Officer’s corridor to house these roles. This is not an ideal location for the new roles and will require a decrease in size for the student officers, but we believe it to be far more agreeable than any solution that would damage the output of student media. We hope that this reassures all who have engaged with the ‘#SaveOurHub’ campaign, that our extremely valued student media work will not face any reduction in resources or space.

Christy McMorrow, Students' Union President
Polly Winn, Forge Press Editor
Luke Wilson, Forge Radio Station Manager
Eden Wilson, Forge TV Station Manager

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