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Turning over a New Leaf

Friday 23-11-2018 - 11:13
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New Leaf is getting a new look and extending its range with brand new exciting products! Everyone's favourite New Leaf ‘build your own salad’ and wraps options will still be available, alongside new toppings and more seasonal products in line with our sustainable goals, as well as an option for flexibility of the range during quieter times to reduce wastage.
Brand new products to look out for will be a range of hot food (Hot Pots) that will change regularly but expect chilli, curries, goulash and stews served with an option of cous cous, pasta or brown rice, tasty soup - as a lighter hot option, Grab and Go salad boxes and protein pots.
New Leaf wraps will still be available but offer more flexibility with the option of adding hot toppings as well as the usual favourites.
You will still be very much encouraged to bring in your own salad box for filling rather than using a single use plastic tub - you will even save yourself 15p each time.
For the pre order regulars you will be able to pay online which will cut out waiting times and will even drop off your own salad box so you too can be sustainable and save yourself 15p in the process.
We can't wait to see you!

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