8th January 2020


Complaints are a valuable means of understanding the issues that concern our students and improving what we do. We also take seriously the safety of everyone involved with the Students’ Union and will take disciplinary action against a student when necessary.

  1. How to make a complaint about the Students' Union
  2. Making a complaint against the University

How to make a complaint about the Students' Union

When you make a complaint it will go to a senior member of staff in the Students’ Union, who will decide how the complaint should best be assessed, based on the information you have provided. You may be asked to provide more information or attend a meeting, but we aim to have assessed your complaint within two weeks of you telling us. If we need longer than two weeks to assess your complaint, we will tell you and keep you informed of progress. Please note that during the undergraduate vacations we will usually need four weeks to assess your complaint.

Usually, your complaint, in the first instance, will be dealt with by those mostly closely involved. This could be an elected Officer, Committee or Head of Department. They can decide to uphold or dismiss your complaint and also decide what action should be taken. If you are not satisfied with a decision you may be able to appeal. Details of the Students' Union's Complaints and Discipline Regulations are in Bye-Law 15.

Please note that in order to properly deal with your complaint, your name and contact details (email address and/or telephone number) may be shared with those involved in considering, investigating or making a decision about your complaint.

To make a complaint about the Students’ Union, please complete and submit the Complaints Form.

Complaints Form

Making a complaint against the University

If you want to make a complaint about the University or you have issues with your course, head to our Academic Complaints page.