Coffee Revolution is Sheffield Student Union's own coffee house. Led by current and former Sheffield students, we have local suppliers, sustainability and quality at the core of what we do.

Whether you're meeting up with some friends, needing a place to do some uni work, or just coming to treat yourself at the end of a long week, we have plenty of space to kick back with a coffee or tea, and a slice of cake from one of our local suppliers.

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Choose from our delicious selection of drinks and food.

Coffee Lovers

We have a wide range of cakes and pastries from local suppliers like Scoffingtons, and a large selection of black, herbal and fruit teas from Sheffield-based Birdhouse Tea Company. We know the people behind our products so our team can advise you on flavours, tastes, and brewing.

Our coffee beans come from Colombia in South America, and are roasted by Sheffield's Cafeology. Our passion for sustainability means we actively encourage the use of reusable cup and mugs, and are constantly looking at other ways we can reduce our waste.

Coffee Revolution staff
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Coffee Revolution barista

Our History

Early 2000's: Ethics

Coffee Revolution was one of the first to offer ethically sourced coffee as standard, to ensure the co-operatives and family businesses supplying our beans received a fair price for their coffee.

Mid 2000's: Quality

In a time when high street coffee shops were focused on selling quantity, we focused on quality. We taste tested all our products, and properly trained and educated our baristas, several of which became national barista competition winners.

2002: Student Led

Sheffield Students’ Union took ownership of Coffee Revolution in 2002 to develop a service that worked to our values, employed students, and put profits back into enhancing the student experience.

2010's: Local

We’ve always looked to champion the many great suppliers on our doorstep.

Our milk comes fresh from the herd at Our Cow Molly just 6 miles away, sweet treats from #Brownies, and our beans are roasted in Sheffield by Cafeology.

2017/2018: #reusablerevolutions and Events 

Today we are leading a 'reusablerevolution'. We want to look after the environment by minimising coffee cup waste, and encouraging the use of reusable cups.

After our 2018 refurbishment, we began running unique evening events. Dog Life Drawing, Calligraphy and other crafty evenings gives students and other members of the community the chance to unwind and be creative in a non-alcoholic setting.