In 1996 Emilio Botín, Chairman of Santander, decided that the bank should be useful to the communities in which it operates. With the conviction that the University is a vital cornerstone of development and progress, Santander Universities began its activity in Spain. As the division began to grow so did its global outreach; eventually expanding into more than 20 countries, including Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Portugal and the UK – we have over 1200 agreements in 20 countries. So far, Santander Universities has donated over €1 billion in the shape of scholarships, mobility grants, support for special projects and academic and non-academic awards.  In the UK, our first partner joined the network in 2007 and since then we have signed agreements with many universities. We provide funding for scholarships, mobility awards, research grants and much more, with the aim to support students and academic staff in their academic and research objectives. Since the division was established in the UK we have grown to become a valued partner of the academic community; providing opportunities for internationalisation and innovation.

We have partnered with The University of Sheffield since 2010 and have provided scholarships, mobility awards, Enterprise support, language course sponsorship and business innovation network connections.  The relationship is a clear example of how much can be achieved when two organisations work together towards a common goal.  The branch on campus, in the Students Union, is at the heart of this relationship where people come to enquire how to apply for the funding, share their experiences and request more information about the banking services Santander provide.  Working with the Students Union gives us unique insight into the life of students and he best we can help support their time here at The University of Sheffield, to this end we provide work placement opportunities and also internship opportunities through our collaboration agreement.

Oliver Higgins is the University Relationship Branch Manager and can be contacted at for information about all that you have read here.

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