Page:Core Principles - Independent Student Activities

Core Principles - Independent Student Activities

Your activity/event will be regarded as independent if:-

  1. it is not approved and/or cannot be supported by a University department or by the Students' Union, but you do intend to carry on with your activity/ event; or
  2. you are choosing to organise your event/activity independently of the University or Students' Union.

If either of the above applies to you then you must expect to be held legally and financially responsible for all aspects of the organisation and delivery of the event/activity.


This information is intended to ensure that you are aware of the extent of your responsibilities, including restrictions, legal matters and suggested good practice. It is not an exhaustive list, nor is it intended to be regarded as legal advice.

Please note also that if your activity/event is being run independently you will not be entitled to access Students' Union training for societies.


  • You must NOT use or display the University of Sheffield crest or Student Union's logo without prior, written approval.
  • You must make it clear to students participating in your event/activity that you are working independently of the University and Students' Union.
  • You must not claim, or imply, that your event/activity is recognised or endorsed by the University of Sheffield or Students' Union.
  • If requested by the University or Students' Union, you must display the following disclaimer on all publicity and social media:

    "This activity/event is being organised independently of, and not officially recognised by, the University of Sheffield or Sheffield Students' Union. Neither organisation is associated with the activity/event and will not be held responsible for any acts or omissions which cause harm, injury or financial loss to any persons."

  • Any concerns or complaints relating to an independent student group or its activities, received by the University or Students' Union, may be considered in accordance with relevant University or Students' Union procedures e.g. discipline harassment, safeguarding etc.