One World Events and Activities

Global Cafe

The Global Café is your weekly chance to meet new people from all around the world (with free tea and coffee!). The café takes place 4-6pm every Thursday, usually in View Deli Students' Union) and every few weeks we hosty special themed cafes that celebrate a cultural holiday or introduce a new activity.

Are you a member of a society? We are always looking for societies to host the café - whether it is showcasing your culture, teaching a new skill or introducing your passion. Please contact us if your society is interested in hosting a café.

Annual Events

  • World Week is a week-long festival to showcase our global community and develop our global perspectives. There is a variety of events held throughout the week including the 'Coats for Cachi' fashion show and 'World Week Parade'.
  • The World Food Festival is an evening of delicious food from all over the world. Our national societies enter their recipes for the chance to be named 'Best Dish'. Recipes for select dishes are also highlighted on the World Cook Book.
  • The International Cultural Evening has been taking place for over 40 years and gets bigger and better every year. The event features vibrant performances from national societies and is one of the most anticipated highlights of the SU calendar.

Each of these events is advertised via the Students' Union website in advance of them taking place with tickets sold from the Box Office. Make sure you don't miss out!


Cultural and National Groups


There are almost 50 Cultural and National Societies at the Students' Union that organise social and cultural opportunities for home and international students. Our societies are very friendly and always happy to welcome new members. To find out more about any society you can visit the Information Desk in the Activities and Sports Zone (Level 3 in the Students' Union) or visit the 'Find a Society' section of this website.

International Students' Committee

The International Students' Committee (also called ISC) represents and campaigns for all international students at the University. In addition they host a variety of cultural events throughout the year including International Cultural Evening, the World Food Festival and World Week. These events are a great opportunity for you to try something different and immerse yourself in another culture. They are also open to home students as well as international students. For more info visit the ISC website.


One World celebrates and respects the range of faiths and beliefs within our community. Interfaith is a chance for you to explore the faiths within our community at the University of Sheffield and the Students' Union.

Every month we host an Interfaith Café where you have the opportunity to meet people with and without faith, and talk about how religion contributes to student life. We hold it in Coffee Revolution, usually on the last Wednesday of each month. Not everyone talks about faith, it's a place to meet people of different faiths but also somewhere you can ask questions freely.

There are also a number faith groups at the Students' Union who seek to help students practice their religion and raise awareness of their own faith.

For further guidance and support you can contact the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Service.

Sheffield Volunteering and RAG

Sheffield Volunteering helps staff and students at the University of Sheffield to find the perfect volunteering opportunity within our city. They offer a range of Global Perspective opportunities such as Football for Friendship and the ELTC Conversation Club. Not only are these opportunities an enjoyable way to spend your spare time but they can increase your global awareness and count towards your HEAR. Volunteering is also a great way to meet new people and discover our city together.

To find out more visit the Volunteering Office in the Activities and Sports Zone between 10am and 5pm on any weekday or email volunteering@shef.ac.uk.

The Students' Union has a community fundraising department called Sheffield RAG. Their policy is not to provide support for students fundraising to take part in international volunteering expeditions or students who are fundraising for international volunteering schemes.

However, RAG are able to provide support for individuals wishing to fundraise in order to make a direct donation to a charity of their choice (i.e. where fundraised money is a direct charitable donation and not part of an individual's personal fundraising target in order to take part in an expedition). You can 'adopt a charity' with RAG, who can help you with your fundraising!

Joining any society can happen if you just find the e-mail of the society you want. There is no need for it to only be at the beginning of the year.

– Fadi, Jordan

I've made a lot of friends at the Students' Union and have lots of good memories. You should never be afraid of giving something a go and trying new things - I have learnt many skills because of that.

– Siung, Aerospace Engineering

The Conversation Club facilitates the integration of members of the international community in Sheffield, offering a welcoming space where they can learn and improve their English and where people of all different backgrounds can meet one another.

– Rachel, Conversation Club volunteer