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Every Easter hundreds of students take part in Bummit – a charity hitch-hike from Sheffield to Eastern Europe. This is a unique opportunity to travel across the continent and meet people from many different countries. If you are not sure about taking part they also organise 'Baby Bummit' – a one-day event that involves hitchhiking to a location in the UK.

Sheffield RAG's policy is not to provide support for students fundraising to take part in international volunteering expeditions or students who are fundraising for international volunteering schemes.

Therefore RAG would encourage students taking part in international volunteering expeditions or international volunteering schemes to seek the support of the national or international charity that they are volunteering with.

However, RAG are able to provide support for individuals wishing to fundraise in order to make a direct donation to a charity of their choice (i.e where fundraised money is a direct charitable donation and not part of an individual's personal fundraising target in order to take part in an expedition). You can 'adopt a charity' with RAG, who can help you with your fundraising!

Individuals are also encouraged to take part in RAG sponsorship events such as 'Spiderwalk', 'Survival Night' and 'Bummit' where you can choose to donate their fundraised sponsorship to the charity of their choice. For more information on Sheffield RAG please visit www.sheffieldrag.com

Volunteering abroad can be a truly invaluable experience. It allows you to immerse yourself in a new culture and make an international contribution, as well as enhance your personal skills and develop your global perspectives.

If you're looking for opportunities to volunteer abroad, it's important that you know exactly what you're signing up for. We strongly suggest that you follow the Tips and Tricks guidance provided by PEPY Tours (Promoting Education emPowering Youth) to help you consider the ethics, transparency, sustainability, cost, safety implications and level of support of any organisation or project that you're interested in.

You should take the time to do your research, ask questions, and get recommendations, before signing up to anything.

Students for Estelí

Did you know that Sheffield is twinned with the city of Esteli in Nicaragua? 'Students for Esteli'runs an annual volunteer trip to FAREM University in Estelí, Nicaragua, where volunteers teach English and run cultural exchange classes. Throughout the year the society also fundraises and campaigns for FAREM, and maintains a 'twinning' relationship between Sheffield and FAREM University.


'Tenteleni' is a student society within Sheffield Students' Union, as well as being a national charity. The society supports volunteers to work alongside staff in schools, children's homes and non-governmental organisations. Placement countries include Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Swaziland and Zanzibar.

International Citizen Service

The International Citizen Service (ICS) is a UK government-funded development programme that brings together 18 to 25 year-olds from all backgrounds to fight poverty in overseas and UK communities.

Please note that Sheffield Students' Union assumes no responsibility for the ICS programme, and accepts no liability for their actions or omissions. Your involvement in ICS is strictly at your own risk. Therefore if you are having problems with this organisation/project, or are dissatisfied with them, we are unable to provide help or support with this.

Whether it is for a few weeks or a whole year, travelling abroad can be a hugely beneficial and memorable experience. You will encounter different cultures, meet new people and become more independent. If you are trying to decide where you want to go then Lonely Planet has lots of information on almost every possible destination.

Foreign Travel Advice (UK government)

Find out the latest travel advice by country including safety and security, entry requirements, travel warnings and health: Foreign Travel Advice.


For visa information and advice for UK/EU and non-EU students wishing to undertake overseas volunteering, internships or paid work abroad, you can seek advice from the Students' Union's Student Advice Centre.

Health and Vaccinations

You should visit either your local GP or the University Health Centre for health-related travel advice, as it is likely that you may require vaccinations. This should be done in advance; vaccinations often take weeks or even months before they become effective. Please note that there is a cost affiliated with medical report and vaccinations through the University Health Service. You will need to pay for vaccinations in advance at the University Online store. You should also check that you will have access to healthcare in the country you are visiting and purchase insurance if necessary.