Erasmus and Study Abroad

Erasmus and Study Abroad opportunities are available to almost all students at the University and in some cases you can receive financial assistance. The Erasmus programme is designed to allow you to study, work or teach for part of your degree in another EU/EEA country. The Study Abroad programme offers the chance to spend part of your degree course in a non-European location such as Australia or Hong Kong. If you are interested in participating you should talk to your academic department.

Friends of the Students' Union

'Friend' groups are not registered or approved societies and they're not insured by the Students' Union. However 'friends' are student-run groups which recruit membership within the Students' Union. Some of our 'friends' are:

University of Sheffield Enterprise

University of Sheffield Enterprise (USE) USE is a service that brings together people to make ideas happen. With the help of USE you can develop your enterprise skills and turn your ideas into a reality. USE supports two schemes which have an international theme, AIESEC and Enactus:


AIESEC is the world's largest youth-led organisation, enabling students to volunteer and work abroad in over 110 countries. They develop responsible, global leaders by providing a self-driven, practical learning experience.


Enactus Sheffield (formerly SIFE) obtains its name from the tagline "Entrepreneurial. Action. Us". It is an international social enterprise society, using enterprising projects to benefit communities both locally and globally. This society is supported by USE rather than the Students' Union and forms part of a national network of student groups.

If you're passionate about social change and keen to make a difference, these are the people for you.


SIIDshare is a student run enterprise that operates as an NGO embedded within Sheffield Institute for International Development (SIID). SIIDshare values learning beyond your degree, challenging yourself, broadening experiences and developing individual strengths and skills. Many of the activities undertaken with SIIDshare can count towards your HEAR.




Learn a new language

Learning a language is a great way to boost your CV and expand your horizons. The University provides opportunities for you to learn 20 different languages, from absolute beginner to advanced level, including Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin) and Spanish.

There are also many shorter courses offered by Give it a Go which can count towards your HEAR. All courses are recognised by HEAR. You will receive a certificate of attendance on successful completion.

The Careers Service

The Careers Service can support you to develop skills and find the right career for you. Their 'Develop Your Global Awareness' booklet is a useful insight into the intercultural skills which are valued by employers and the opportunities available to develop them. You can also visit the myInternationalCareer and 'Going global' resources if you are interested in work opportunities abroad.

Studying abroad is one of the best opportunities the University offers. During my time abroad, I realised just how many opportunities are available to us in the world so long as we are willing to immerse ourselves in other cultures. Combining travel with study is the best experience you can have. Not only did I make amazing friends for life from countries around the world, but I saw some amazing places and did some amazing things that I never thought I would do.

Studying abroad changes your perspective on the global community for the better, whilst developing you academically.

– Catherine, BA English

Spending a year in France was a truly incredible experience. I met loads of great people and had many great times. I would definitely recommend it.

– Dylan, BSc Maths with Study in Europe

Learning a language has given me a window into another culture, and another way of looking at the world

– Naomi, French and Linguistics