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Bummit organise award-winning hitch-hikes

Bummit is a committee in its own right, linked to RAG through their commitment to fundraising, and hitching! Last year Bummit Committee raised over £85,000 for charity in another successful year as well as scooping the national award for 'Best Challenge' at the FIG National RAG Awards!

Bummit organise landmark charity hitch-hikes:

 - Baby Bummit, the UK hitch-hike in November sees over 200 students hitching to a UK city in one day - this year we're going to Glasgow!

 - Big Bummit, our landmark European hitch-hike, takes place in Easter vacation with 350 students aiming to reach a pre-determined destination within 8-days

This is hitching done smoothly!  The Bummit Committee spend nearly a year putting these events together, refining safety procedures, producing the ‘Bummit Bible’ and making sure participants have the best experience ever.

Visit Bummit and 'Like' us on Facebook for the latest information, and to find out how to get involved as a Bummit Ambassador!

'Best Challenge' National RAG Awards 2015

‘Best Event’ National RAG Awards 2013