Get involved with Sheffield RAG

1. Take part in RAG Events!

Look out for exciting opportunities across the year to raise money for lots of different charities and take part in once-in-a-lifetime events, everything from 13-mile night walks to treasure hunts across Europe

2. Clubs and Societies: ‘Adopt a Charity’

RAG’s ‘Adopt a Charity’ scheme works with clubs and societies to help you fundraise for charities of your choice.

You can also claim back up to 50% of your fundraising for your own club or society funds!   We can help with things like budgeting, planning, marketing, resources and legal stuff and help you to engage with the charities you support.  E-mail adoptacharity@sheffieldrag.com

3. Individuals

Individuals can ‘Adopt a Charity’ too and benefit from all the support of the Adopt a Charity team on the RAG Committee and one full time and one part time staff member.

Or you can become a RAG Rep and learn fundraising skills from our workshops, gain HEAR, make new friends and put on your own fundraising events with groups of like-minded individuals. Email ragreps@sheffieldrag.com

Want to Fundraise?

We employ a Fundraising Coordinator and Fundraising Assistant, who along with the RAG Committee, can help you with all of your fundraising needs

We can help with things like events management, budgeting, banking, marketing, health and safety, charity law, permits, choosing charities, online fundraising and fundraising resources

Visit www.sheffieldrag.com for more information

‘Community Impact’ Award Winners National RAG Awards 2013

See our website www.sheffieldrag.com for more information on all of the above or email rag@sheffield.ac.uk.