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Every society has their own webpage featured on the Sheffield Students' Union website.

As society committee members you have access to edit, update and use your page via your digital dashboard. Simply sign into the SU website with your University of Sheffield details.

In this section you'll find a collection of useful step by step guides and videos to the digital tools within your dashboard. These digital wonders include society memberships, event tickets and elections.

All the tools are designed to make your life easier as a committee member.

Best of all, there are no online card transaction fees for society event tickets or memberships. This applies for your society and the students buying them (the SU picks up these costs for you).


Your Society Webpage

The SU website is the first point of call for the majority of students who are interested in finding a society. Keep your society page up to date and you'll attract more students.

You can upload your logo, change the description, add social media links and more.


Digital Society Memberships

1. You can create digital memberships for your society. Sign in to your society digital dashboard.

2. Activities Fair & beyond - Students can buy your digital memberships on their mobile, laptop or PC. It's super simple and convenient.

3. You're in control - The money goes straight into your society B account so you don't have to worry about cash handling.

4. Members details are automatically collated and added to your society digital dashboard :)

5. You have access to your membership database 24/7 and can use it for email newsletters or contact members individually.


Digital Society Events & Tickets

Got an event coming up? Whether it' a social, ball, committee meeting or guest speaker you can sell or create free tickets for your events online on the SU website.

There are no booking fees or transaction charges for your society or students buying your tickets, the SU pays these for you.

The ticket money goes straight into your B account and no more designing tickets or collecting them from the box office as students receive a confirmation email which acts as their ticket.

You as the society organiser also have access to the event attendees list 24/7 within your dashboard on the SU website.


Digital Society Elections (AGM)

If you have digital members, you can run a digital election (AGM). Remember we can always upload your non digital members for you.

You'll be using the same platform and software as the SU uses for the Officer Elections. It's secure and students can vote on mobile, laptop or PC. We'll give you full technical support throughout.

All SU societies are now able to run Digital Elections (AGM) to elect your new committee.

Interested? Please contact:

- You’ll be using the same digital software as the SU Officer Elections. It’s robust and secure.

- Digital Elections takes the stress out of AGM's and allows more of your members to get involved. 

- We’ll help setup and run your society digital election, providing support throughout.

- You decide what dates and how long you run the voting for in your election.

- Voting is really simple and your members can vote via mobile, laptop or PC, 24/7.

- All your society members must be digital, this enables them to vote in your digital election.

- If you have members that didn’t join via the SU website (digitally) we can upload these members for you. Email us and we'll help you:

Digital Society FAQ

If you have a question, there's a good chance someone has asked already. Have a look through our FAQs below.

If your question isn't answered below, email your question to:

You must Sign In using your personal University email address not your society email address. You use your society email address to access your online bank statement.

We have assigned permissions to access your society 'Dashboard' on the SU website based on Part B committee submissions.

If you can't see your society Dashboard and you are a committee member of a society or working committee please email with your name, University email address and which society you are. We can then activate this for you.

If you need a committee member adding or removing to the Administrator Permissions setup so they can have access to the Dashboard please email us your society and their names.

Make sure that the image is in one of the following formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF. Images should be square (so they are not squashed when uploaded) 300x300 pixels is ideal.

As a society your page is pre-programmed so that all transactions go into your B account. It is possible to have money set up so that it goes into a different account for example a Ball event. Get in touch with who can do this for you.

You can download an Excel CSV file, which lists everyone who has bought a ticket for one of your events by clicking on the event and then 'Booking Details'

A society can offer multiple memberships types over the course of 1, 2, 3 years etc. Or semester by semester. Please nesure you set the correct expiry date in setup on your society dashboard.

Any one student can only sign up for one membership type. Essentially the the system sees a member as member based on date not type of membership. So dates of the membership expiry is also important to note. The same student could buy 'semester 1 membership Sept-Dec 2017' and then buy 'semester 2 membership 2018'.

But not 'Your Society Name' Society 1 year membership 2017/18' and 'Your Society Name' 'Netball' membership 2017/18. It would have to be one or the other.


Society Bank Statement

You can check your society statement online at any time. Simply login using your society username and password and click 'View Statement'.