Who Cares?

We care about sustainability and do our best to minimise our negative impacts on the environment.

Why? In short, it’s because we know you care. Mostly it’s because there’s no Planet B and we believe it’s important to do what we can to make things better and show others how too.

Sustainability is one of Sheffield Students’ Union’s core values and we’re looking to develop a comprehensive sustainability strategy too.

If you want to input, email studentsustainability@sheffield.ac.uk

SU Development Officer

Our officers care about sustainability. Megan, the SU Development Officer, is responsible for helping develop some of our sustainability work so if you want to find out more, have a chat with her.

You might recognise her from last year's Vegan Giveaway, Vegan Festival and animal welfare protests – Megan was Chair of Vegetarian & Vegan society in 2016/17.


About #ReusableRevolution

Here at Sheffield Students’ Union, sustainability is extremely important to us and according to our last Student Life Survey, it is to you too.

Plastic is suffocating our oceans. Whales, turtles and birds are washing up dead on beaches across the world, with their stomachs full of plastic.

Join the #ReusableRevolution today and help the environment with small, simple changes that have a big impact and save you money.

Join #ReusableRevolution on Facebook!


Pledge to make a difference

Make a pledge


There’s lots of ‘green’ societies at Sheffield Students’ Union so there’s something for everyone. If you want to get involved with some like-minded peeps, you could get involved with the Sustainability Committee, who lead on representing and supporting students on this subject.

Or try one of these societies: BeekeepingCarbon Neutral University SocietyEngineers without Borders (EWB)Horticultural, Natural History (Wild Soc), People & PlanetSave Our Sandwiches, Sheffield Market or Vegetarian & Vegan.

Or set up your own!


Sustainability Books

There's a bunch of sustainability books you can borrow. We have all sorts ranging from veggie & vegan cookbooks to bike maintenance, from beekeeping to crafting, from ethical shopping to ethical project management, and more!

You can find the books on the bookshelf in the Interval.