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About us

What’s Freeasy?

Drinking tasty Sheffield tap water is free and easy! At Sheffield Students’ Union, we’ve installed water fountains instead of selling bottled water so that you have free and easy access to water. 

The decision to stop selling bottled water was passed by you –the student body. This policy was passed by Referendum in March 2011 and was agreed by Referendum again in October 2014. It’s due for renewal in October 2017. 

Who is behind the Freeasy exterior?

The original Freeasy team comprised 10 volunteers pursuing the social change of drinking tap water instead of buying bottled water from the Students' Union. The team of multi-disciplinary students collaborated with People & Planet to ensure green success within our Students' Union. We were students speaking on behalf of students, and we needed to work together to make this positive transition.

Get in touch if you would like to get involved with Freeasy going forward - the battle isn't won yet!


The question we get asked the most! We don’t sell bottled water because it’s ludicrous and damaging to the environment. It’s ludicrous to have to pay (sometimes 500-1000x more) when clean, healthy, tasty water comes from our taps. It’s ludicrous that we ship it around the world incurring thousands if not millions of extra miles. Single use plastic bottles are clogging up our landfills, ending up in the sea and are a huge waste of resource. See more here

Change the social norm...

See past the manufactured demand of bottled water; take one green step to environmental sustainability. Make your refillable bottle the social norm.

Our Shop sells a range of re-usable water bottles from the Sheffield made and ultra compact Ohyo to basic sipper bottles and the luxurious Bobble with integrated charcoal filter.

Random 'tapping it' fact

It takes 17 million barrels of oil a year to produce bottled water globally, which is enough oil to fuel 1 million cars for a whole year

One million sea birds and 100,000 marine mammals are killed annually from plastic in our oceans

Freeasy frenzy

What's this Freeasy Frenzy?

In March 2011, you, students at the University of Sheffield, voted to ban bottled water around the Students' Union in a referendum that passed by more than 1,000 votes. As a result, your vote has now been put into action as bottled water is no longer being sold at the Students' Union Shop. Now to focus on your more environmentally-friendly alternative - Freeasy water. Your newly installed water fountains can be found in various places around the Students' Union: in the Zone, New Leaf, Garden View, The Gallery, Bar One, Interval, Coffee Revolution, and the toilets in the Foundry and by SSID. There are also a range of nifty re-useable water bottles being sold in the Union shop from just £1.99, so don't hesitate getting into the Freeasy swing of things.

See the original YouTube video here: