Welcome to the Society Support hub. Here you should find the forms, documents and guidance that your Society or Committee needs to make great things happen! Hope you enjoy... If you need any help, head to the 'Staff Support' section on this page.

Running Your Society

Have you just been elected to a committee for the 17/18 academic year? Congratulations! This section provides you with all the forms and advice you should need to get your Society registered with the SU and trained in your committee roles!

There are training guides for the Executive positions of President/Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Inclusions Officer (and for Working & Representative Committee Treasurers).

There is also important HEAR information so that you and your fellow committee members can make sure you get your roles recognised as well as information about non-students and associate members.

First thing's first - remember you must submit the relevant Committee Detail forms below: 

Committee Details Part A - Every President or Chair must submit this form to re-register your Society or Committee for the next academic year.

Committee Details Part B - Every committee member must personally submit this form (including the President or Chair) with their personal and contact details and answer essential questions abour their role. Individuals will need to be logged in through their @sheffield.ac.uk email account to access the form. 

IMPORTANT: If you have been elected to a position for the remainder of the 2016-17 Committee year then please complete the 2016-17 Part B form above.

If you are a 2016-17 committee member and you wanted your committee position to be recorded on your HEAR at the end of the academic year, you must have submitted your Committee Details Part B form by the end of Friday 21st October 2016 at the very latest. Email hear@shef.ac.uk if you have any questions regarding this particular issue.


Society Elections


Training & HEAR

Committee Training Guides

Working & Rep Committee Training Guides

Useful Documents & Forms

To help you find the document or form that you need we have collected them all together here! Just click on the document or form to download it!

Money & Funding

Although creativity can bloom when the pennies are tight, money can come in pretty handy when it comes to running your society.

These pages contain useful guides, copies of the finance forms to download and links to funding opportunities.

Remember, you can check your society statement online at any time: http://statements.union.shef.ac.uk - simply login using your society username and password and click 'View Statement'.

There are a range of funding options available for societies, with varying criteria. Click on the appropriate link and complete the relevant form to make an application.



Adopt a Charity (Raising with RAG)

Society Charitable Fundraising

Getting "Tickets in Advance"

How to be a Society Treasurer

Finance Guide for Working / Representative Committee Treasurers

Accident/Incident Form

There are a range of funding options available for societies, with varying criteria. Review the list below and complete the relevant form to make an application.

Students' Union Funds: These funds are granted by the Students' Union and aim to help student groups with their ideas, projects and events.

University Funds: These funds are granted by the University of Sheffield.

Events, Trips, Balls & Socials

Our Societies and Committees run such a wide-range of exciting activities and events. These pages contain all the information that you need to organise your Society activities successfully and safely!


All rooms and equipment are free of charge to Students' Union-recognised societies, clubs and Working and Representative Committees.

If you are inviting an external speaker to your event, you must submit an External Speaker Form at least 3 weeks in advance.

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