Committee Members

Have you just been elected to a committee for the 17/18 academic year? Congratulations! First thing's first - remember you must submit the relevant Committee Detail forms below: 

Committee Details Part A: Every President or Chair must submit this form to re-register your Society or Committee for the next academic year. 

Committee Details Part BEvery committee member must personally submit this form (including the President or Chair) with their personal and contact details and answer essential questions abour their role. Individuals will need to be logged in through their @sheffield.ac.uk email account to access the form. 

If you are a 2016-17 committee member and you wanted your committee position to be recorded on your HEAR at the end of the academic year, you must have submitted your Committee Details Part B form by the end of Friday 21st October 2016 at the very latest. Email hear@shef.ac.uk if you have any questions regarding this particular issue.


Guides and Forms


Please read the relevant guides below in order to help you get to grips with your committee position. For a quick peek of the most important bits to know, watch 10 Top Tips for New Committee Members.