HEAR Requirements for Students' Union Committee Members

All undergraduate students have a HEAR. HEAR stands for Higher Education Achievement Report and its main importance is for the student to record everything they do at University including Extra Curricular Activities.

Read more about the HEAR: www.sheffield.ac.uk/ssid/hear

2018/19 Committee Members​

Have you been elected to a 2018/19 committee? Congratulations!

The first required task for HEAR verification is to register that you are on a committee by submitting a Committee Details Part B form here.

See the full Criteria in order to get your Committee Role on your HEAR in June 2019 here:

  1. Be elected or co-opted to serve on a Society/Club Sport committee, in accordance with Students' Union protocols.
  2. Submit your committee details form by Friday 19th October 2018 , in accordance with Students' Union protocols
  3. Serve a full term in office, that is, from the date of handover following Society Election Fortnight until the date of handover to the next committee following Society Election Fortnight.
  4. Attend at least one staff-led training session from the society/committee training programme (Training sessions are ran in April/May, Sep-Nov and Feb-March, email activities@sheffield.ac.uk to find out more)
  5. Submit a Committee Member Exit Form by the specified deadline (Form is open Monday 18th March - Friday 10th May 2019).

Any questions? Email hear@sheffield.ac.uk

Boost Your Employability 

Make the most of your time in societies and committees by visiting the 'Boost Your Employability' website. You'll find hundreds of activities that employers love both here in Sheffield and globally. Just visit: www.sheffieldsu.com/employability