Digital Societies

Here are a collection of useful step by step guides to digital features you can use on the Sheffield Students' Union website. All of which are designed to make your life easier as a committee member. Best of all, there are no online booking fees for society event tickets & memberships. 

Every society and working committee have their own webpage featured on the SU website, which committee members have access to edit and use via your society digital dashboard.

Step By Step Guides


1) Edit your society webpage
The SU website is the first point of call for the majority of students who are interested in finding about what societies there are here at Sheffield Students' Union so the more appealing and up to date your page is - the better. You can upload a logo, change the description, add social media links and lots more. 

Read the step by step guide Edit your society webpage

Watch the video guide 

2) Create digital society memberships 
You can create digital memberships for your society. If students wish to join your society at the Activities Fair or afterwards they can by buying your society membership online on the SU website. The money goes straight into your society B account so you don't have to worry about cash handling. Students need to be logged in to the SU website to join your society, this means their details are automatically collated and added to your society online database :) None students can also join if you welcome them, they would create a 'guest' account. You have access to your membership database 24/7 and can use it for email newsletters or contact members individually.

Read the step by step guide Create society memberships

Society digital memberships - FAQ

Watch the video guide


3) Create society events & sell tickets
Got an event coming up? Whether it is a committee meeting, a guest speaker or a social you can sell tickets for your events online. Just as easy as buying a club night ticket online. The money goes straight into your B account and no more designing tickets or collecting them from the box office as they receive a confirmation email which acts as their ticket. You as the society oganiser also have access to the event attendees list 24/7 within your dashboard on the SU website.



Read the step by step guide Create society events & sell tickets

Watch the video guide 


If you need any further assistance or you can't find an answer in these guides, search our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you require further assistance then please email societiesonline@sheffield.ac.uk


1) How do I sign in to my society account online?

You must Sign In using your personal University email address not your society email address. You only use your society email address to access your online bank statement. We assigned permissions to access your society 'Dashboard' on the SU website based on Part B committee submissions.

2) I can't see the Dashboard.

If you can't see your society Dashboard and you are a committee member of a society or working committee please email societiesonline@sheffield.ac.uk with your name, University email address and which society you are. We can then activate this for you.

3) I need to add or remove someone from the Dashboard Administrator Permissions.

If you need a committee member adding or removing to the Administrator Permissions setup so they can have access to the Dashboard please email us your society and their names. 

4) The website won't allow me to upload a logo.

Make sure that the image is in one of the following formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF. Images should be square (so they are not squashed when uploaded) 300x300 pixels is ideal.

5) Which account does the money from membership and events go into?

As a society your page is pre-programmed so that all transactions go into your B account. It is possible to have money set up so that it goes into a different account for example a Ball event. Get in touch with societiesonline@sheffield.ac.uk who can do this for you.

6) How do I see who has bought a ticket to an event?

You can download an Excel CSV file, which lists everyone who has bought a ticket for one of your events by clicking on the event and then 'Booking Details'