Campaigns and Policy Fund


About this fund

The Campaigns & Policy Fund exists to give you a helping hand to campaign on - or progress - issues you care about. This can include something to take forward an SU policy, like the 'Accessibility on Campus' policy, or 'Internationalisation' (but it doesn't have to be!) 

The fund is open to any student. You can apply as an individual, not just as a society or committee. Even if you’ve never worked on a campaign or policy before in your life! Uni is a great time to start.

If you're applying for help with a campaign, it can be your own campaign, or something you want to do under the banner of something bigger.


Not sure where to start?

If you'd like to speak to someone before applying, please feel free to contact to talk through your ideas.


How do I apply?

Just fill out this simple form. Your application should show:

  • How money you receive will be used to reach or progress a campaigning goal OR to support progress on an SU policy.
  • Societies & Committees ONLY: Why you need extra money from this fund, rather than using money already in your accounts. 


The small print:

  • Only University of Sheffield students can apply

  • You can't spend this money on things that contradict SU policy

  • You'll need to tell the SU how this money was spent - you can choose how in your application form.


Process for decisions:

Applications are approved by the Student Executive Committee. (SEC is a formal meeting of the Officers you elect every year to run the SU.)

You’ll need to allow 3 weeks (2 weeks for a decision, 1 week to receive funds if you're successful).


Submit your application


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