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Welcome to the University of Sheffield Computer Science Society!

Every year we host a series of events with the aim of appealing to everyone interested in Computer Science at the University.

These are some of the events we plan to run this academic year:

  • Annual Society Ball
  • Programming Competitions
  • Meals
  • Casual Meetups (for members to showcase their work)
  • Nights Out and Bar Crawls
  • Game Jams (weekend game development competitions)
  • Git Tutorials
  • GNU/Linux Tutorials

The Computer Science Society strengthens the social and academic interaction between students (and staff!) within the Department of Computer Science, as well as acting as a link for employers and guest speakers.

Visit our website here:

Society Benefits

  • Access to all our events (socials, game jams, talks, programming competitions.. etc)
  • Meet new people in the Department
  • Programming mentors for first years
  • Meet potential employers


You can e-mail the society at 

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