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Welcome to MatSoc! We are the departmental society for the Materials Science and Engineering course, and are a student run society that exists to run social events throughout the year. Boasting a large variety of events, including an annual Freshers Black T-Shirt Social, Christmas Ceidleh, and April Ball! Wether you are an undergrad or postgrad, MatSoc will have an event for you! 

There are also academic opportunities such as outreach and visits to places like the University's Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC)

As part of MatSoc, members also get excellent discounts at Bloo88 and Walkabout!

Keep an eye on our facebook page ( ) for updates on events and dates to keep available!( for up to date info on our latest socials, or check out our society noticeboard outside the Turner Museum of Glass in the Hadfield building.

Also feel free to contact us for any questions, queries or suggestions you may have at, or on the facebook group above. For any inclusions issues, please title your email with "Inclusions Issue" to ensure it only gets read by our Inclusions and Communities Officer.


Society Constitution

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Terms and conditions

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  1. Introduction:

    1. The Sheffield University Materials Science & Engineering Society (Matsoc) exists to provide a social aspect to the department, and to create an environment in which students of all ages and backgrounds can attend social group events and activities along with fellow coursemates.

    2. Wherever possible, the Matsoc committee will provide support and encouragement to society members and will attempt to help with or answer questions, whether they be course-related or personal.

    3. This Code of Conduct is for the sole use of Matsoc members when attending a Matsoc event. We take no responsibility for your actions outside of organised socials.

    4. Whilst you are welcome to bring non-matsoc members to events, the behaviour of the aforementioned person at an organised social is the responsibility of a pre-agreed matsoc member.

    5. A ‘Social Event’ is defined as an event where society members gather at a specific time and place for the express purpose of socialising.

    6. Social events can take place on or off campus, and this code of conduct applies in both situations

    7. All members, (including new and existing members) of this society must follow this code of conduct whilst attending social events. Failure to do so will result in being asked to leave the social immediately, and could result in disciplinary action being taken against you by the Sheffield Students’ Union and/or The University of Sheffield. See 3.1 for more details.

    8. Non-cooperation will lead to disciplinary action. See 3.1.1 - 3.1.4

    9. Signing this document means that you agree to follow this code of conduct, and understand the consequences of not doing so.



    1. Matsoc members have every right to abstain from taking part in games or activities. They should never be forced to drink alcohol or use illegal substances.

    2. Drinking games and/or initiation ceremonies will never be initiated by, encouraged, or condoned by members of the committee.

    3. Matsoc members attending a social should never cause damage to buildings or property, whether it be on or off campus.

    4. At no point must any member display a state of nudity that the Inclusions Officer would find inappropriate.

    5. If you show aggressive, predatory or unwanted sexual behaviour to another Matsoc member during a social, you will be asked to leave immediately by a member of the committee, and the severity of the incident will be discussed with the Students Union at a later date.

    6. Persistently harassing another member who has asked you to stop, is unacceptable. If this kind of behaviour is reported, the same consequences of 2.5 apply.


    1. As mentioned in Section 2, the immediate consequence of failing to follow the Code of Conduct, is being asked to leave the social. Depending on the severity of the event, which will be discussed thoroughly with both the offender, the victim, and a member of Students’ Union Staff, the following penalties may be given:


      1. Exclusion from future alcoholic socials

      2. Exclusion from a certain number of socials, after which you will be permitted to join in again.

      3. Temporary suspension for the Society and Society socials and activities

      4. Permanent exclusion from the society, which will occur in accordance with bye-law 10 of the Student’s Union Constitution.*


I understand that the Matsoc committee takes the wellbeing of their members very seriously, and will do everything in their power to ensure that no one is made to feel unsafe, threatened or uncomfortable.


I agree to follow this code of conduct, and understand the consequences of not doing so.



* Students’ Union Constitution, Bye-Law 10:

[‘The society’] provides for membership of the Society to be refused, suspended for a specified

period or withdrawn, with the approval of a two-thirds majority of the Society Committee and a two-thirds

majority of a Society General Meeting, subject to appeal to Societies Committee which may uphold, amend

or annul the decision of the Society.