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We at the Nature and Wildlife Society want to help you explore and discover the amazing wildlife, scientific research and great outdoors that are around Sheffield, and the rest of the world! We throw a multitude of events throughout the year celebrating amazing Nature and Wildlife, and by paying for a £5 yearly membership you will get discount on all our talks, trips, socials and other events (or get £10 lifetime membership for eternal discounts!)

We are proud to announce that we are the WINNERS of "Best Special Interest Society" for 2011-12 AND 2013-14 (under our old title Natural History Society)!

We host the following marvels:

Stimulating Science Talks - informal discussions, led by enthusiastic and engaging guest speakers, a chance to exchange views on controversial topics or learn more about a subject from experts and enthusiasts, all over a drink!

Local Walks- We can give you the opportunity to explore the nature at your doorstep. We will take regular trips up to the Peak District National Park to look at the wildlife and stunning scenery.

Attenborough Nights- A chance to sit back and enjoy watching wildlife with David Attenborough from his early films in the 1950s to today's more modern programmes- along with hot chocolate and biscuits of course...

Trips- we will be taking you on adventures to further flung natural places, awesome zoos, interesting museums, and amazing aquariums! We also host special one off events such as last year's fantastic wildlife photography event and competition.

Socials Bingo, quizzes, the occasional pub exploration and everything in between!

We are always interested in new members, from any level or subject, to join. For more information see the below links!


Email: wildsoc@sheffield.ac.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/wildsocsheff/
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