International Students

As a student at the University of Sheffield you will have the opportunity to meet people from across the world, many of which we hope will become lifelong friends.

Taking part in activities, attending events, and joining groups are all great ways to meet new people. Watch our #weareinternational video and hear how our students lives have been enriched through meeting others from different cultural backgrounds.

#WeAreInternational students and academics from across the world talk about their experiences studying and working in the UK.

Support services

Feeling anxious? Missing home? Money problems? Whatever it is, you don’t need to face it alone.

Student Wellbeing Service | Visa advice | Language support | Finances | Student Job Shop | CVs and job applications

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Groups, clubs and societies

Societies are groups of students that get together based on what they have in common such as interests, hobbies, university departments or faith. We have over 350 societies, there is certainly something for you!

International Students Committee

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Sport and fitness

If either you want to keep practicing something you are already familiar with or try something new, the university offers a wide range of sports to get involved with! We also have a great gym, a swimming pool and other bookable sports locations.

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Events and travel

Want to meet new people? Get to know the UK?
Or just something nice to do on the weekend? There is always something happening in Sheffield!

Global Cafe

Your International Officer

Hey there!

My name is Iuri, I am the current International Students Officer. It means that I am one of the eight students elected to represent and support the students of our university.

I’m from Brazil and have graduated in music last year (you can always contact me if you have any music recommendations!). We have put together this webpage to help you find anything that you need to make your experience in Sheffield the best possible. Please feel free to save it, so you can come back whenever you like!

If you want some advice, I would say that your university experience will be really worth it the more you get involved with different things. Don’t be afraid to try something new and meet people! And if you ever need any kind of help, be sure that the Students’ Union will always be here to support you.

All the best, and hope you have the best time here!

Iuri, International Officer

Students in Octagon
Students socialising
Iuri your International Officer
Support and advice is always available
Meet people and make friends at your Students’ Union
Iuri your International Officer