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Iuri’s welcome to International Students

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Hey there!

My name is Iuri and I'm the International Students' Officer, which means that I’m one of the eight students elected last year to be the voice of our student community. I’m from Brazil and have just graduated in music (you can always contact me if you have any music recommendations!).

If you’re not aware of what a Students’ Union is, it’s like the place to go in the University to socialise, find support, and have fun and (modesty aside) we are considered to be the best one in the country.

We have over 350 groups of students with similar interests (we call them societies), many events and sports to enjoy, as well as amazing teams who are able to help you with anything that you may struggle with. A good place to find out more is our new International Students’ Page which brings together information to help you have the best experience possible.

If you want some advice, I would say that your university experience will be really worth it the more you get involved with different things. It is normal to feel nervous about meeting new people, especially during these times. But we are working hard on keeping everybody safe and ensuring everyone still has a great time. And if you ever need any kind of help, be sure that the Students’ Union will always be here to support you.

Find out more about your SU Officer team on our webpages, follow us on instagram @su_officerteam, and please feel free to contact me at

All the best, and hope you have the best time here!