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This is the Students' Union hub for Academic Representation at the University of Sheffield. If you'd like to know how to become or contact your academic rep, need support and advice as a current academic rep or are a staff member responsible for supporting student reps, simply follow the links below.

Staff Co-ordinator Hub

Department or faculty staff members are provided with various guidance documents to support work with Academic Reps.

Academic Representative Hub

As an Academic Rep, you have access to several training programmes, guides and wider information on your role.

Interested In Becoming A Rep?

Do you want to be an Academic Rep? Find out more about the roles available and how to apply here...

There are several roles you can take on as an Academic Rep.

Have a look at their role descriptions to work out which you would prefer to run for and what their responsibilities are.

Academic Rep Role Descriptors 17/18

All Academic Representatives Undergraduate or Postgraduate, must be recruited by the end of Week 4, Semester 1 (20th October).

You cannot apply to be a rep beyond this point.

Your individual department handles Academic Rep recruitment. Your department will indicate from intro week how you can run to be an Academic Rep.

This might be during a lecture, for example. If you have missed these opportunities and would still like to be an Academic Rep get in touch with the Students' Union at: and we can help make sure your considered for the role in your department.

Remember, you can only apply to be an Academic Rep until the end of week four

Contact your Academic Reps

Have a topic, positive or negative, that you wish to raise with your department? Find out how to contact your Academic Rep here...

It’s important that any concerns you have about your department or faculty, no matter how big or small, is heard by your academic rep team. They can ensure that action is taken within your department.

In order to contact your Academic Reps you may find their details through:

  1. Your Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) service, MOLE.
  2. Your department student web pages.
  3. By contacting