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Become an Academic Rep

Becoming an academic rep is a brilliant opportunity at Sheffield with several benefits including developing key skills, making new friends, creating contacts and working towards HEAR accreditation. 

What would I do as an Academic Rep? 

  • Be the voice of change within your department. 
  • Represent the views of students in your cohort. 
  • Challenge issues on assessment, resources, marking and more.
  • Campaign to improve education for all students at Sheffield. 
  • Attend meetings such as the Staff-Student Forum (SSC) to share student views.
  • Work closely with the Education officer, other Reps and Academic Staff. 

What would I gain from being an Academic Rep?

  • Gain experience in public speaking, problem solving and team working. 
  • Acquire leadership skills through chairing meetings and organising events.
  • A unique and brilliant chance to make change within your year group, department and faculty. 
  • An in-depth understanding of how your department and university operate. 
  • Developing new skills through an extensive training programme. 
  • Take on further roles such as Department Rep or sit on Student Union Council.
  • Counts towards HEAR accreditation.

For a full job specification of the role click here.

How do I become an Academic Rep? 

If you wish to become an Academic Rep:

  • Your department is responsible for organising Academic Rep elections. Nominations tend to open from the beginning of term until week 3. If successful, you will then be contacted by the Student Union who organise core training for reps later into term.
  • For further information or questions feel free to first contact or speak to your course tutor/academic rep