Model Email

Dear [Academic’s name],

I am writing to express my support and solidarity for your strike action. The recent attack on your pensions is completely unacceptable and dangerous to the future of education itself. Academics who have dedicated their life to education and the pursuit of knowledge, often at a pay cut compared to private sector work, should never be treated in this way.

This attack could also destroy education as a whole, with the biggest losers being new staff. Who would decide to spend seven years of their post school life, barely scraping by on terrible loans just to graduate to a job that is vastly underpaid and precarious? If the battle is lost here, after the biggest strike in educations’ history, the damage to the UCU will be great. It is pensions today, but tomorrow it will be wages and holidays.

Our Students’ Union is supporting you in this (sheffieldsu.com/SaveStaffPensions), and I am writing to say that I will be there to support you; I will not be attending contact hours during strike days, I will stand on the picket lines with you fighting for the future of education. I know that we will win this, together, because we cannot afford not to.


[Your Name]