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SU President

Team Leadership | Communication | Direction

The figurehead of your Students' Union. Leads and oversees the work of your Student Officer Team. Ensures the Students' Union is valued by its members as an effective, responsive and accountable organisation. Chairs the Trustee Board, Student Executive Committee and Staffing Committee.

Also sits on University Council and Senate as well as a number of other University committees.

International Students' Officer

Integration | National Societies | Globalisation

Supports and represents the University's international student population. Works to support and facilitate integration of home and international students at Sheffield.

Sits on key University committees relating to international students and internationalisation.

N.B. Only international students can stand to be the International Students' Officer, but all students can vote in the election.

Sports Officer

Sport Sheffield | Healthy Living | Involvement

Ensures the provision of sports opportunities and clubs for students. Acts as the advocate of students engaged in sport at all levels. Works to increase the number of students taking part in sport.

Sits on the Sport Sheffield Board and has key relationships with University staff responsible for the provision of sports facilities and opportunities.

Development Officer

Sustainability | Finance | Innovation

Represents students' commercial interests and oversees budgets and expenditure. Ensures Students' Union services are relevant and responsive to Student needs and leads on the Union's sustainability and environmental work.

Has key oversight over the Students' Union's commercial activity and communications. Chairs the Students' Union's Finance Committee. Sits on University Finance Committee, Senate Budget Committee and University Council.

Women's Officer

Women’s Rights | Rep Committees | Equality

Represents the views and interests of all women students within the Students' Union and University as well as at a national level and creates a student environment free from sexism and discrimination.

Works with the Women's Committee to lead campaigns on the issues of women's rights and equality.

Education Officer

Academic Reps | Learning | University Collaboration

Responsible for all educational matters affecting students, undergraduate and postgraduate. Co-ordinates and supports democracy and student representation within the University, and works with the Academic Representative Committee to campaign on, and keep students informed of, academic issues.

Sits on many University committees including University Senate and Learning & Teaching Committee.

Activities Officer

Societies | Opportunities | Volunteering

Oversees the provision of student activities and the Students' Union's societies. Works to increase the number of students engaged in societies, activities and volunteering projects.

Works with the University to ensure recognition of the contribution students make through activities and the importance of societies and volunteering as part of the student experience at Sheffield.

Welfare Officer

Wellbeing | Welfare Services | Community

Provides support, representation and raises awareness of student health, finance, housing & safety issues. Works closely with the Student Advice Centre to ensure relevant and effective advice is available to students.

Works with the University to ensure adequate welfare provision and support for students.


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