Welcome to the Everyday Discrimination page. This is a space for students to post their experiences of discrimination in everyday life anonymously. Whether that is hate crime on campus, islamophobia on public transport or transphobia on a night out.

We expect our students to treat each other with respect and consideration as we want this webpage to encourage people to share these experiences and express their feelings.

This is not a formal reporting system, however you can find links to support services in the Students’ Union, University of Sheffield, the police and external charities/organisations on the link below if you do wish to make a formal report.


How to use this page:
Write about your experience anonymously in the text box and tag the location where the incident happened.

By clicking the button below you agree to the following:
Be respectful and considerate of other people and their experiences.
Do not name anyone so they can be identified as this is something you can do in formal reporting instead.
Do not refer to other people's posts in your own.


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