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The time is now!

Free education is no longer a distant pipe dream, but a real possibility.

With extortionate fees, cuts to grants, attacks on international students, and ongoing marketisation, never has there been a more vital time to be calling for a radical change to our education system.

Students are now a powerful force in UK politics, be it the huge increase in young people’s turnout in the general election, or students’ campaign to boycott the 2017 National Student Survey to disrupt the recent higher education reforms.

Sheffield Students’ Union is supporting the demonstration called by the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts’ (NCAFC) in London on the 15th November. We’re taking to the streets to call for the scrapping of all tuition fees, living grants for all, and an end to campus cuts across the country.

These demands are not out of our reach. There is no shortage of wealth in our society: enormous riches lie hoarded in the pockets of a few. Let’s tax that wealth and put it to better use by investing in an education run by and for students, workers and communities.

The government thinks they can get away with pushing through their destructive and unpopular higher education reforms. Let's prove them wrong, and fight for an education system that serves people not profit. Join us!

Transport from Sheffield

Sheffield Students’ Union has a proud history of supporting national demonstrations and fighting for a free and fair education system.

As well as supporting the demonstration, we will be putting on coach travel from Sheffield on the day.

We’ll provide advice on how to stay safe on the demo, support in the event of any trouble, and some officers and staff to march with on the day!

Coach tickets are on sale online and at the SU Box Office.


Scrap all fees

More and more, people are being convinced that education is not a commodity to be bought and sold. With the issue of tuition fees dominating the national conversation, the government is already backtracking. But minor reductions aren’t enough: we’re calling for fees to be completely scrapped, and the debt wiped, for both home and international students.

Living grants for all

Everyone has the right to education. The government’s cuts to maintenance grants have shut people out and burdened yet more students with unfair debt to private loans companies. This huge burden of debt, coupled with the increasing cost of living, is causing a mental health crisis amongst students and graduates. All students deserve grants that are enough to live on, with no one falling through the cracks.

Stop the campus cuts

The government’s reforms are already having disastrous consequences for universities, with huge cuts to staff, courses and support services in over 30 campuses (and counting). The interests of students and staff are fundamentally aligned, and we must stand in solidarity with one another in the fight for an accessible and properly funded education.