Students' Union Policy

Through decisions made by students, we have a number of policies that impact on the way we run as a Union of Students! Our policies are here to ensure that the values which students feel are important, such as the environment, equal rights, and education funding, are reflected all the way through the SU.

Here you will find current Students’ Union Policy which has been established by Referenda or Students’ Union Council. These policies remain valid until the first Students’ Union Council meeting in the third academic year after it has been adopted.

Policy Proposals

When a student wants to propose a new policy idea before it can go to Students' Union Council for a decision it must be available for all students to view and consider for 10 days! You can view any new Policy Proposals being discussed here.  If you would like to propose any SU Policy ideas, amendments to current Policies or just want to get in touch with further questions please email us on

Policy Due For Review

When a policy is due to be renewed, Student Executive Committee (your 8 Officers) are required to review the policies and recommend to Students’ Union Council that they should be either renewed without amendment for up to three years, amended or allowed to lapse. Amendments to policy can be agreed by referendum or by Council, but in either case the proposed policy change has to published on the Students’ Union website and circulated to members of Council in advance, so that students are given the opportunity to comment and submit alternative proposals.

Officer responsibilities

Officers are required to allocate responsibilities for each current Students’ Union policy and prepare proposals for action to be taken in support of the policy, which shall be submitted for approval to the first meeting of Council and then to report on action taken at later meetings. If you are interested in getting involved with a particular Policy email us for more information at Funding is also available for students who want to take action in support of an SU Policy.

List of Current Policies

1. Fund Education Not War

2. Environmental

3. Nestle (Ethical Policy)

4. Education: Free, Fair and Funded

5.  Anti-Racism/discrimination/hate crime

6. Living Wage

7. International Fees

8.  Postgraduate Students Policy

9. Gender Quotas for NUS Delegate Elections

10.  Bottled Water

11.  Widening Participation

12. Equal Access for Asylum Seekers and Refugees (formerly University of Sanctuary)

13. Evidence Based Drugs

14. Postgraduates Who Teach

15.  Scrap Continuation Fees

16. Support Nicaraguan Twinning with Sheffield University

17. Trans*

18. Sex Work

19.  Sweatshop Free – Electronics

20. Fossil Free Policy

21. Quality Doesn't Grow on Fees

22. Housing

23. Pro-Choice Union Policy

24. Sheffield SU Loves Trade Unionism

25. Wednesday Afternoons Should Be Free For Sport and Other Extra-Curricular Activities

26. Don't Sell the Sun

​27. Time To Change

28. NUS Delegate Accountability Policy

29. Support arrested Student Protestors

30. End Israeli Occupation

31. Sabotage the NSS

32. Embedding Liberation in our Union

33.  Child Friendly

34.  Twinning with the Islamic University of Gaza

35.  Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment

36. Internationalisation

37. Companies Involved in Animal Testing

38. Food Policy

39.  Library Policy

40.  Accessibility on Campus

41. Ten-to-One Pay Ratio

42. Barclays (Ethical Policy)

43. Support Sheffield Students at Risk of Detention and Deportation

44. Affiliation to Action for Trans Health

45. Providing Sexual Health Resources

46. Disability in Your SU

47. Pride in Sport

48. Partnership with Autism Centre for Supported Employment

49. Raising Student Bursary

50. End Period Poverty