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National Union of Students National Conference

Each year at the same time as SU Council Elections students elect Delegates to represent Sheffield SU at National NUS Conferences.

NUS National Conference is the sovereign decision making body of the National Union of Students, it is where the national leadership of the NUS are elected for the year ahead and where national policy is created and debated.

 Any student at the University of Sheffield may submit a motion to NUS National Conference on behalf of Sheffield Students’ Union (SSU) as SSU is a Constituent Member (CM) of the National Union of Students (NUS.)  Each Constituent member may submit up to 1400 worth of proposal (across both Motion and Amendment Proposals). Once this word limit has been reached, subsequent preference motions will not be submitted. Amendments to Zone Proposals must be 300 words or less and Motions must be 600 words or less.

The following Motions and Amendments have been proposed by students on behalf of Sheffield SU:

(Please note all amendments relate to Motion Proposals that have already been submitted by NUS Zone Committees. Zone Proposals can be found here.)


Motion - Fair Pay and Democracy in Universities - Higher Education Zone Proposal
Motion - Widening Participation - Higher Education Zone Proposal
Motion - Divest Barclays - Society and Citizenship Zone Proposal


Amendment -  "Protecting Students During Brexit" - Higher Education Zone Proposal
Amendment - "Our Unions have, and always will be, Political" - Union Development Zone Proposal
Amendment - "Ending Single Use Plastics - Society and Citizenship Zone Proposal

To submit a proposal to amend one of the above motions please send your proposal to by Tuesday 6th February 2018 - 5pm.

Voting will open at 10am and close at 5pm on Wednesday 7th February for SU Council to preference proposals (SU Councillors please note when voting on amendments you will be voting on the proposal to amend a Motion in it's entirety and not on individual amendments or individual additions to a Motion.)