Page:16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence


24th November 2018

All women marching together through the streets of Sheffield for:

  • Increased street lighting in Sheffield
  • Increased and improved support services for survivors/victims of sexual assault
  • A zero tolerance to sexual harassment in all spaces



6:30pm, outside Sheffield Cathedral

Open only to Women including cis, trans and non-binary women and non-binary people who identify to some extent as women



7:30pm, Coffee Revolution, Sheffield Students’ Union

Open to all genders


Run by your Students’ Union Women’s Officer, the Sheffield campaign launches with a big Reclaim the Night March. This is an annual march through Sheffield, which brings together women (including cis, trans and non-binary women and non-binary people who identify to some extent as women), of all ages from across the community. The marches originally began when women around the world started to march at night to protest violence against women and sexual harassment. The marches began to gain more momentum in Sheffield, Leeds and Manchester in the late 1970’s due to the serial murders across Yorkshire by Peter Sutcliffe, dubbed “the Yorkshire Ripper”, and as the Police response was effectively imposing a curfew on women. This was not something that women were prepared to tolerate and instead of staying in their homes, they took to the streets. Reclaim The Night is a community event, and local charities and organisations play a significant role in the event.

A rally open to all genders is being held after the march with performances, spoken word and empowering speakers.


25th November until 10th December

Sheffield Students’ Unions’ 16 Days Against Gendered Violence Campaign.

A global movement championed by the United Nations, 16 Days Against Gendered Violence focuses on being a time to ‘galvanise action to end violence against women and girls around the world’.

The campaign highlights the global issue of gendered violence and the atrocities that so many people are still facing today from every corner of the world.



Hidden in Plain Sight:

Staff-Student Sexual Harassment in Higher Education

Tuesday 27th November
Gallery Room 2
Sarah Lasoye (NUS Women’s Officer), Imogen Hale (Senior Advisor at Student Advice Centre) and Mayeda Tayyab (Sheffield SU Women’s Officer)

Staff on student sexual harassment is a massive national issue. Over the last couple of years, there have been a number of with many reports published by Universities UK, The National Union of Students and the 1752 Group on this topic addressing it. This panel will discuss this topic, with a focus on common behaviour, the impact this form of harassment can have, and what Universities should be doing to to put a stop to staff on student sexual harassment.

Violence against Trans Women:

The Facts

Wednesday 5th December
Gallery Room 3
Eden Ladley

During 16 Days Against Gendered Violence, it's good to remember that particular groups of women are especially at risk of violence and harassment. In this session, NUS LGBT+ Officer (Women's Place) Eden Ladley will be speaking about violence against trans women. In the aftermath of the public consultation on potential reforms to the Gender Recognition Act, there have been a lot of conversations around what it means to be a "real woman" and whether trans women should be allowed to access women's spaces. Bizarrely, the voices of trans women are often left out of this, as are their experiences of misogynistic, transphobic and transmisogynistic violence. This session will cover how trans women experience gendered violence from many sections of society and how allies can work to defend trans women from being at further risk of violence.


Gendered Islamophobia:

Muslim Women in the West

Friday 7th December
Gallery Room 3

This talk will address the issue of Islamophobia, how it manifests itself in our society and the way it targets muslim women through physical attacks, verbal harassment, workplace discrimination and discrimination in employment practices. Hareem Ghani (former NUS Women’s Officer) will talk about the national campaign ran by her on this issue and the outcomes of that campaign. The talk will also touch on how to be a better ally and support Muslim Women.