No Borders Between Nations and Cultures

Current immigration policies in the UK have left international students facing more barriers than ever when it comes to studying and working in the UK. Aside from significant economic benefits, international students bring diversity to our learning communities, making UK universities some of the most vibrant and innovative in the world. 

The University of Sheffield Students' Union is committed to defending the rights of international students by breaking down the borders that prevent international students from accessing education and work and by celebrating the truly global community we have at the University of Sheffield. 

What we are doing

  • Last year we campaigned heavily against the introduction of the immigration bill with the Say No campaign which was successful in restricting the implementation of landlord visa checks as proposed in the bill, and ensured students in University accomodation were exempt from these checks. 
  • We have partnered with the university on the award winning #weareinternational campaign which supports international students during the application process to university and celebrates internationalisation on campus through camapigns such as #standbyme
  • In September 2014, we responded to an All Party Parliamentary Group on Migration inquiry into the impact of the Post Study Work Visa route closure and will be continuing to lobby for the reintroduction of the route
  • We're currently petitioning the Home Office to remove international students from the UK's misleading net migration figures with our #EducationNotMigration campaign

How you can get involved

1. Sign the petition to remove international students from net migration figures and show your support for the campaign on social media #EducationNotMigration

2. Join the campaign team on Facebook

3. Share your story about how the UK's immigration policies and visa restrictions have affected you