About Veguary

This February, we’re promoting the benefit of reducing or eliminating the animal products of your diet- to the environment, your health and in reducing animal suffering.

Every time you buy a vegan product, you can get a stamp on the special Veguary reward card. Get 5 stamps and you get a FREE vegan meal in our SU!

Keep an eye out for the varied and many events we're holding as part of Veguary, learn more about the lifestyle and get to try lots of free vegan food.

Pledge Here

Sign the pledge here if you already are vegan/veggie or will do so for the month.



Veguary Pledge

6th Vegan Meal is FREE

Get rewarded for choosing vegan options this February.

Collect 5 stamps from food & drink outlets in the Students' Union and get your 6th meal FREE.

Collect your card in the SU today.

Cadbury's Bournville Jus Roll Pastry, Croissants
Walkers Roast Chicken Crisp Cinnamon Swirls & Pain Au Chocolat
Oreos (all but peanut butter) Mr Kipling Treacle Tart
Co-op Jam & Custard Doughnuts Bourbons & Custard Creams
Sainsbury's Bacon Crisps Skittles
Party Rings Most Pot Noodles
Fry's Creme Bars