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The next meeting of SU Council at which Policy Proposals could be debated will be Thursday 8th March 2018. 

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Food Policy

Proposer: Megan McGrath (SU Development Officer)

Seconded by: Ethical and Environmental Councillor and the Women’s councillor


This Students’ Union notes

  1. Many members have dietary requirements due to religious observations, ethical choices or intolerances.

  2. There is an increasing proportion of international students

  3. Students voted environmental sustainability as the global issue most important to them in 2017.


This Students’ Union believes:

Normalising sustainable diets is part of the SU’s 18 year strategy and an integral part of improving our SU’s impact on the environment. The Grantham Centre’s advice states that the foods with the biggest impacts are animal products (particularly beef and lamb), and air freighted goods eg certain out-of-season fruits & vegetables.


This Students’ Union resolves to:

  1. Maintain clear labelling of Kosher, Halal, vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free foods

  2. Educate staff working at all outlets within the University and Union about different diets and which foods do/don’t qualify under certain diets

  3. Ensure the food offering caters to the needs of the growing international student population by providing affordable and culturally appropriate foods for our diverse student members

  4. Increase the proportion of the most sustainable foods (locally produced, seasonal, vegan) and decrease the proportion of the most unsustainable foods (as outlined by the Grantham Centre) on offer year-on-year in line with its values and students’ purchasing choices. This percentage change should be reported on annually.