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Current Proposals under Consideration

Proposals for new policies or Constitution and Bye-Law changes must be available for all students to view and consider for 10 days before going to Students' Union Council. This allows students the opportunity to ask questions on or propose amendments to the proposals, before they are discussed at Council. You can have view our current policies here.

To propose an amendment to a proposal or an alternative or related proposal this must be submitted in writing to the Student's Union President via Amendments or alternative proposals to policy proposals must be no more than 200 words and can be submitted either by an SU Councillor or by a student who is not a Councillor, with the support of 10 other students.

The following proposals will be online for 10 days for the consideration of all members:

Policy Proposal: Supporting Students on mandatory non-Erasmus years abroad - Russian and Slavonic Studies Councillor Gabe Milne, Germanic Studies Councillor Logan Robin

Policy Proposal: Housing Manifesto - Welfare Officer Katharine Swindells, SU President Lilian Jones

Policy Proposal: Drug Harm Reducion: Support and Education - Welfare Officer Katharine Swindells, SU President Lilian Jones

The following motion has been proposed for NUS Parents and Carers Conference by the delegation to the conference and will be online until the 30th of November for the consideration of all members:

Motion Proposal NUS Parent and Carers Conference For Students Unions to facilitate family friendly study space in their academia.